Lava: Monestary, Distance to Lolegaon, Rishop, Sightseeing

Lava monastery


Lava is a small village located in the Kalimpong district of North Bengal. This village is on the lap of himalayan mountains and looks so pretty that It attracts a lot of tourists every year. Lava Monastery is a Tibetan-style architecture is a place you must visit. It is home to hundreds of monks. This monastery is the main attraction of This place known for its serene beauty.

This place is a heaven for bird watchers and they usually spot many types of local and migratory birds. There are many trekking routes in the nearby forests which are worth exploring. Surrounded by forests, clouds, and mountains is a piece of heaven for tourists. This place is becoming a preferred choice among the tourists of North Bengal.  


Several species of birds are found here like Hill Partridge, Towny Owl, Hawks, Great Barbet, Golden Throated Barbet, and many more. Also, sixteen species of bats, several species of snakes, two species of amphibians are found here. Neora Valley National park is 4.3 km apart from Lava.

It is the place of Red Panda. You can spot many species here like Himalayan Tahr, Black bear, Sambar, barking deer, tiger, leopard, Chinese marmorata pangolin, Malayalam giant squirrel, wild boar, wild dog, clouded leopard. Many kinds of birds are also spotted here like whistling thrush, golden-headed black finch, pheasants, cuckoos, minivets, flycatchers, sunbirds many more.

Red panda of Neora Valley national park
Red panda of Neora Valley national park


Lava to lolegaon path
Lava to lolegaon path

The best time to visit Lava is between September to June. The eternal beauty of mountains is highest during this time. However, you can experience pleasant and cool temperatures throughout the year. This place experiences a heavy amount of rainfall during the monsoons so tourists should avoid the monsoon for their visit.


In Lava, you can explore short treks while enjoying the serene beauty of nature. Nature Interpretation Center created by the forest department showcases the beauty of nature.

Lava Monastery is one of the popular tourist destinations here. You can visit this place and see the Buddhists praying to Gautam Buddha and know more about their culture. This place is known as the birding paradise for bird watchers. Many kinds of local and migratory birds are spotted here. The Changey falls located 12 km apart from here is a natural waterfall. This is one of the places to visit.

The view Lava town from monestary
The view Lava town from monestary



New Mal Junction: 58 km

Siliguri Junction: 98 km

New Jalpaiguri Junction: 100 km


Bagdogra International Airport: 110 km


Thukpa is a famous local food of here. It is known as Tibetian Soupy Noodles. 


Lava monestery
Lava monestery
Way from Lava to Lolegaon via Rishyap

Lava is a piece of heaven surrounded by dense forest, beautiful clouds, and mountains. This sleepy and calm village attracts a lot of tourists. The scenic beauty of this place is a treat to your eyes. The view of Kanchenjunga from the village is majestic. If you are looking for a gateway from your daily life then Lava could be the best place for you.

Neora Valley National Park (4.5 Km): The national park is famous for its virgin forest patch and unique biodiversity. The place is famous for Red pandas but the best thing about Neora Valley is it’s a paradise for birdwatchers.

Rishop (4.5 Km): This place is famous for its picturesque beauty of nature and for having one of the best views of this region.

Rimbik: This is a small town in the Singalla National Park area. This place famous for the singalla National park.

Lolegaon (50 Km): Lolegaon is a very beautiful, small hamlet (Lepcha Village) of Kalimpong under the Darjeeling district and it is very famous for the panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Lava to Lolegaon distance is 50Km.

Kolakham: (8 Km) Kolakham is a silent and small village in Neora Valley National Park of Darjeeling. The place is especially enjoyable in Winter and adorned with a perfect scenic background and has view of Kanchenjunga.

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