Jhandi: Wildlife, Eco hut, Jhandi Dara and Sightseeing

Beautiful Jhandi Dara


Situated at an altitude of 6200ft Jhandi is a paradise, surrounded by lush green hills for the tourists in the Dooars region. It’s just 9 km away from Lava on the way to Gorubathan. While traveling through Gorubathan, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and the Mahananda River Valley. The whole place is fully covered with a lush green tea garden and forests. This is a new untouched destination that all the tourists would like to explore. The prevailing solitude and mesmerizing scenic beauty have enhanced the overall grace of the place. This place is a must-visit one for all the tourists because of its climate and rare flora and fauna. 


view through jhandi homestay, Jhandi eco hut, Jhandi retreat
View through Jhandi homestay

Birding walk is the main attraction of Jhandi, the trail of Jhandi eco hut is extremely vibrant with the sounds of cicadas and bush crickets. Apart from that, many colorful hill birds, such as Rufous-necked hornbill, chestnut bellied rock thrush, parrotbills, hill myna, great barbet, and many passerine birds make the place an exotic birding paradise. As the place is very close to Gorubathan, tourists can also enjoy the tropical forest of the western Dooars region, Gorumara, and Chapramari with the sight of wild elephants and rare one-horned Asiatic Rhino. The tropical evergreen trees, sal, and pine forest add to the beauty of Jhandi.



The sightseeing of Jhandi is undoubtedly an exotic one, with the view of the Sun and the clouds from the Dooars valley and the floating fog along the valley in the early morning. Apart from that the sunrise and the sunset point, Jhandi Dara, is another heavenly attraction for nature lovers. The place also gives a majestic view of the adjacent valley and the Himalayan range. There is no entry fee to this place, you can trek to reach the top.  The phenomenal view of sunlight making its way over the mountains and reflected through the mist is a moment worth capturing in Jhandi. Apart from that, the lush green tea gardens like Samabeong Organic Tea Garden (famous for employing Biodynamic farming in tea cultivation) are also very refreshing and rewarding. The ruin of Dalim Fort is another tourist attraction of the following place. It is situated at the hilltop of Gorubathan in the middle of the thickly wooded forest. You can also visit the Lava monastery with its solitary ambiance. The monastery has 1000 armed Avlokiteshwara statues, various scriptures, and sacred figurines, which have made it a popular visiting place for tourists. There are few homestays, lodges, and eco huts, that provide the tourists with solace and beauty amidst the forested place. The famous Changey waterfalls in the middle of the green surrounding are one another relaxing spot in Jhandi

Road through Jhandi
Road through Jhandi
Jhandi Homestay, Jhandi retreat, Jhandi eco hut
View through Jhandi homestay


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance
Railway station
New Mal Junction
New Jalpaiguri Jn (NJP)
36 km
79 km
AirportsBagdogra89 km
HighwaysNH-17 & NH-10

The nearest railway stations are NJP and New Mal Junction. Bagdogra is the nearest airport. From Siliguri, you may take the road through the Mahananda forest, and travel up to Sevoke. Crossing the Coronation bridge the road goes on straight. There is another way to Jhandi via Lava, which is 32 km from Malbazar and 87 km from Siliguri. 


Every single season is beautiful and different from each other in Jhandi. The Sal trees wear new leaves in the month of monsoon and the whole forest gets a new majestic look this time. The winter season is considered the best time to witness the snowy Kanchenjunga and the river valley at their best. 


CHAMURCHI (69 Km away):

91 km away from NJP, this place is situated on the bank of river Diana. The stream, the green tea garden have enhanced the beauty of Chamurchi. Surrounded by three forests, Garuchira, Kalapani, and Rohiti Chamurchi, Chamurchi is rich in flora and fauna. If you trek uphill, there is a cave, which the local people name Chamurchi Mahakal. The cave is also famous as the musical stone cave because tossing a  stone creates music. 

Chamurchi in Bhutan Border
Chamurchi in Bhutan border

BINDU (77 km away):

Bindu Hydel project
Bindu Hydel project

Surrounded by the hills of Bhutan and India, along with the meandering Jaldhaka, Bindu has emerged as a popular tourist spot. It creates a natural border between Bhutan and India. Bindu is famous for cardamom plantations and many more medicinal plants. Among the various attractive tourist spots, the Bindu Dam on the Jaldhaka river is the most famous one. 


A newly discovered tourist spot of North Bengal, close to the Sikkim and Bhutan border, Gahunbari offers complete solitude and majestic beauty of nature. The sight of the Murti river on the way gives an alluring view of nature. It is also an amazing gathering place for different migratory birds.

Tea garden at Gahunbari
Tea garden at Gahunbari

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