Sevoke (Sivok or Sevok): Coronation Bridge, Teesta River, Kali Temple

Coronation bridge Sevoke


Sevoke is a small town near Siliguri in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal State close to the border of Sikkim. It is also part of the Dooars region and attracts a lot of tourists. This place is famous for its serene beauty. This is a place where the hills meet with the plain. Also, the Coronation bridge here is considered one of the greatest architectural wonders of the country. This bridge connects total North East India to the rest of India by road. Sevokeswari Kali Mandir is a famous temple of Hindu goddess Maa Kali situated 100 ft up from the road and just opposite of this temple there is a temple of Lord Shiva. These temples are surrounded by the serene beauty of nature.


There are a variety of monkeys in huge numbers in Sevoke. Mahananda wildlife sanctuary is 29 km apart from here. You can spot larger animals like elephants, Gaur, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Wild Deer, leopard, and other wild cats here. A rich variety of birds are also spotted here.


Sevoke welcomes numerous tourists across the year but the best time to visit is from October to December. During Durga Puja and Navaratri people around the country come to visit the temples. However when it comes to the natural beauty, you can come here anytime you want.


100ft up from the road Sevoke Kali Mandir is surrounded by the lush green forest and just opposite the temple, there is a temple of Lord Shiva. The coronation bridge is considered one of the architectural wonders of the country. It is the best place for tourists who loves to explore nature and man-made wonder at the same time. 

You can also visit the Teesta river bed in here. The mighty river Teesta flowing through the hills and the greenery of that place is a treat to our eyes. The tourists can find a variety of monkeys here. You can also enjoy the beauty of nature and its tranquil atmosphere from the Coronation bridge.

Sevoke coronation bridge and teesta
Sevoke coronation bridge and teesta


The Coronation Bridge was built in 1941. The bridge was built to recall King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937 and completed in 1941. John Anderson, the Governor of Bengal laid the foundation stone of the bridge.


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance

Railway station

Siliguri Junction
New Jalpaiguri Junction
New Mal Junction

21 km
24 km
31 km
AirportsBagdogra33 km

Siliguri Junction is the nearest railway station to Sevoke. Plenty of cars are available from Siliguri to reach here. It is the hangout place for the youngsters of Siliguri who visits here by bike or car. The cars will cost you around Rs. 1000 to 1500. Cars are also available from New Mal.


Sky view of Teesta river through Sevoke
Sky view of Teesta river through Sevoke

Sevoke is a place blesses with the serene beauty of nature. It is the place where the mountains meet the plain. The Coronation Bridge here is one of the architectural wonders of our country. The view from the bridge is a treat to our eyes. You can spot the picturesque beauty of hills, the flowing river of Teesta, and the greenness of nature. 



46 km apart from Sevoke, Chapramari wildlife sanctuary is a forest in the Dooars region. There are several forest safaris available here that offer you to spot wild animals and enjoy the beauty of the dark green forest.

Chapramari forest
Chapramari forest


Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

29 km apart from Sevoke, Mahananda wildlife sanctuary is a reserved forest area. It offers you a Jungle safari.


73 km apart from Sevoke, Dalgaon is a small village in North Bengal. The village is famous for its picturesque beauty of nature.


58 km apart from Sevoke, Rocky Island is a small village. This place is famous for its serene beauty of nature and camping sites.

Murti River through Rocky Island
Murti River through Rocky Island

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