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Samsing is a small hilly place in Matiali under the Malbazar subdivision of the Jalpaiguri district. It is situated 3000ft on the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas of Dooars region, almost 83 km away from Siliguri. Lush green tea gardens, hills, and small streams of this place offer you one of the best exotic scenic landscapes of Dooars. This place is not so populated and developed, that’s why it still has the very natural touch, that provides you with peace and serenity. After a tiring schedule of daily life, if you want some refreshment, Samsing will be a very nice choice.

The way to Samsing gifts you amazing sights, the whole way makes its route through lush green tea gardens, which includes Chalsa tea garden, Zurantee tea garden, and Samsing tea garden. The pleasant weather along with the picturesque beauty of the place is a point of attraction for many people across the world. This place is actually divided into two parts, Samsing Basti that includes Khasmahal and Fari. The pristine village of Khasmahal offers the tourists the best view of the Murti river, which adds more charm to the trip.  Here most of the local people are involved in tourism and tea garden. 


Samsing tea estate is surrounded by dense forest on both sides that create an amazing place for a number of exquisite birds, like grey nightjar, racket-trailed Drongo, black-chinned yuhinas. This is obviously an attractive place for bird lovers. Sometimes you can also find elephants and peacocks on the bank of Murti, especially before evening.


The small, beautiful picturesque hamlet is perfect for a morning or evening walk. The forested, green area soothes you with peace and solitude. The descending mists on the lush tea gardens are the best sight you ever enjoy in Samsing. Apart from that,  it also attracts travelers with its variety of birds and colourful butterflies.

Here the Khasmal village is very famous for orange that covers the entire place in a golden hue during the harvesting season. In the early morning and evening, a walk on the bank of Murti can be an amazing experience for the tourists. There is a trekking route around the Murti river that adds charm to the place, the trekking route makes its way towards the Neora Valley National Park.

The bank of Murti is also a place for picnics during winter. There are many hotels, homestays, and lodges which chance the tourists to enjoy the unique beauty of the place. Samsing is one of the best places in North Bengal for travelers who want to plunge into solitude and utmost beauty in the lap of mother nature. 

Samsing Tea Garden
Samsing Tea Garden


Private vehicals are readily available from Siliguri, Bagdogra through narrow roads to Samsing.

By Air: Bagdogra is the nearest airport, flights to Kolkata, Delhi, and many other places are available from here. 

By Rail: New Mal Jn is the nearest railway station which is only 23 km away from Samsing. Chalsa railway station is also just 15 Km away from here but not a lot of train stops here. For the people who gets down at New Jalpaiguri Jn (Siliguri), this place is 75 Km away from Siliguri. 

By Road: This is the most thrilling mode of transport to Samsing. Cars, and buses are available from Siliguri, Malbajar, Alipurduar, and some other adjacent places. From Siliguri, it takes about 3 hours to reach here. The best place to reach Samsing is from Malbajar.


It is always best to visit Samsing during October and February when the hamlet bursts with ripe oranges. The serene landscape, forested area, and orange gardens everywhere gift the tourists a heavenly look of Dooars. 


Laliguras View Point: Laliguras view point is a cliff from where you would be able to see Murti river going through the Hilly region of Dooars. You have to go through Samsing tea garden to reach there. The view of Murti river through the mountains surrounded by tea gardens is so beautiful that it has become a famous shooting spot.

Rocky Island: Small but popular eco-tourist resort on the bank of Murti, which offers accommodations and camping near the river. It is a nice place to observe nature at its best. 

Suntalekhola: At a distance of 4 km from Samsing, it is an offbeat destination in the Himalayan foothills of the Dooars, offering a crimson string of sunshine that floats amidst the clouds. Trekking from Samsing takes to Suntalekhola where homestays are available with proper facilities. It lies at the southeast fringes of Neora Valley National Park that leads to the tea estate bungalows through Rechila top, Pankhasari, and Alubari ridge.

Murti river bank: it chances sight of the beautiful river and the forested area on both sides of the river bank. If luck favours, you can see elephants, bison, and peacocks on the bank of the river.  Samsing is no doubt a great choice for all to visit, escaping from the chaotic world. 

Laliguras view point samsing
Laliguras view point
Rocky island samsing
Rocky island

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