Rongo Dooars: Homestay, River bath and Sightseeing

Beautiful Rongo Homestay


Situated near the Bhutan border, Rongo is an unexplored gem of Dooars. If you are planning a perfect weekend at a place that is less crowded and yet blooming with natural beauty, then it is your ideal destination. This place offers beautiful views of surrounding hills, forests, and Jaldhaka river valley. Situated under the Kalimpong subdivision and on the banks of the Jholong river, Rongo is a small village that is famous for its Cinchona plantation.  It is one of the doorways to the Neora Valley National Park. The scenic beauty and the cordial hospitality of the native people have always attracted travel enthusiasts to pay a visit here. The Jholong river gushing out of the hilly path is a soothing sight. Apart from the scenic beauty, there is also a great view of the village at night and a cemetery and a Monastery situated in the nearby forest.


Rongo Forest
Rongo Forest

Rongo offers fine-looking views of adjoining hills, dense forests and the river valley of Jaldhaka. The vegetation includes a wide variety starting from roadside colourful small flower trees and shrubs to dense forest trees. Travellers can also see elephants with all their majestic glory here. Neora Valley National Park is 100 Km away from Rongo which is home to the Indian leopard, five viverrid species, Asiatic black bear, sloth bear, Asian golden cat, wild boar, leopard cat and a wide variety of rare birds. 



Couples enjoying lunch at Rongo River Valley Homestay
Couples enjoying lunch at Rongo River Valley Homestay

The Homestay is situated just beside the stream of Jholung and surrounded by the beautiful Rongo forest and mountains. Now, Rongo is already an offbeat place with only 500 people in the village. But this homestay is situated in an even more serene pocket of the mountain.

They have 3 rooms with double bed and they charge Rs. 1200 per head per day for food and stay. To book your rooms here, you have to contact Beyotee.

Rongo homestay beside Jholung River
Rongo homestay beside Jholung River



The fresh cold water which flows through the valley is called Jholung dhara by the locals and it creates little cataracts is a treat to the eyes. The travelers can also take a bath in the chilly freshwater which is enough to take all the stress and exhaustion away.

Couples enjoying Jholung river
Couples enjoying Jholung river


Mountain treks at Rongo
Rongo mountain treks

The nearby forest is open for trekking. The travellers can enjoy the adventure of exploring the hidden creatures and rare trees inside the forest situated surrounding the slopes of mountains. 


There is a cemetery nearby the riverbed which is decorated with a number of colourful tombs. According to some locals, the cemetery is haunted. However, it is undisputedly one of the colourful and beautifully decorated cemeteries shrouded by the mysteries of local myth. 

Way to Rongo Cemetery and trek
Way to Rongo Cemetery and trek


There is also an ancient monastery situated nearby which one can visit by embarking on a small trek. Shrouded by the local culture and devotion of local people, the monastery is bearing its own glory. 


Dalgaon View point
Dalgaon View point

Dalgaon view point is just 6 Km away from Rongo and it takes a car to reach there. The mesmerizing view of the Jholung khola, meeting Jaldhaka river near Jhalong is amazing to see from the top.


The River Valley Homestay’ is situated near the river valley which will provide you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the riverbed of Jholung as well as the dense forest while sipping a steaming cup of local tea or hot momos. Rongo is a small hamlet with not more than 500 houses and there is a viewpoint from where you can see hundreds of houses lighting up amidst the darkness of the shadowy hill at night which is definitely a picturesque site.

The view of Rongo village at night
The view of Rongo village at night


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance

Railway station

New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP)
New Mal Junction

98 km
45 km
AirportsBagdogra108 km

The best way to visit the place is by trains like Saraighat express, Teesta Torsa express, and Kanchankanya express. Siliguri and Malbazar railway stations are the nearest railway station. From there one can book a cab to reach here. Small cars will charge Rs.2000 and big cars up to Rs.3500. Public transport is also available from Siliguri to Rongo at 9 am and from Malbazar to Rongo at 10 am. While returning public transport is available at 7, 7:30, 8 am, and 1:15 pm.


In the season of winter from mid-November to March.


Jhalong (10 km away):

Jhalong is a small village on the banks of Jaldhaka River. The sound of the water flowing over the rocks and birds singing in the thickly covered forests create a soothing rejuvenating peaceful ambiance. This place is perfect for trekking and camping. 

Bindu (18 km away):

This offbeat destination is blessed with the serene natural beauty of the Jaldhaka river gushing over the rocks, forests rich in wildlife, and the lofty green hills on all sides.

Paren (20 km away):

Paren is surrounded by the green lofty hills with alpine forest, rolling green meadows and meandering rivers along. 

Matelli (26 km away):

The town Matelli is the junction of tea gardens like Mithiali tea garden, Yongttong tea garden, Chalsa tea garden, Indong tea garden, Nagasuri tea garden, Chalouni tea garden and many more and the sight of these tea gardens will surely touch your heart.

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