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Paren Dooars : Forest, How to Reach and nature resort

Paren Nature Resort


Paren is the untouched beauty of Dooars set amidst the picaresque location. It has an altitude of 6200ft. it is blessed with a soothing climate and is surrounded by the green lofty hills with alpine forest, rolling green meadows and meandering rivers along. It is tranquil and serene. This place has a Utopian destination for nature lovers travelling in Dooars. If one wants to be in solitude yet rejoice the mother nature then Paren is paradise on earth. Nature is in its pristine form.


Homestay near Paren Dooars
Homestay near Paren

Endowed with an abundance of gorgeous green forests, rocky mountain terrain, hilly rivers. It consists of rich vegetation and medicinal plants of the Himalayas which are also found in this area. You can find orange orchards bursting with vibrant colors of ripe orange from Paren. It has soothing weather.

Gorumara National Park is situated just an hour away. One can easily spot Deer, Tiger, Bison, Indian Buffalos. Countless types of birds and reptiles are also found here. The jungle walk is filled with the chirping of exotic Himalayan birds and the sighting of colorful butterflies. Tourists can visit the forest and they definitely will be mesmerized by the fragrance of wooded alpine trees.

Paren is also famous for having an astounding trekking route, Rachella Pass via Alubari and Lava. Tourists can see the thick wooden forest which is home to numerous Himalayan birds.


It is a newly discovered offbeat destination in Dooars surrounded by lofty green hills. It is the best place to live in serenity and solitude. The place has many things to attract especially the weather which is soul-soothing. tourists can also take short jungle walk leading them towards Dalgaon, Gairibas and Rongo. The walk will not be a bit boring also as one can hear the enchanting chirping of exotic Himalayan birds and sighting of colourful butterfly which is a thing to capture in your favourite camera as a memory of visiting Paren.

Water spring at Paren
Water spring at Paren


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance

Railway station

New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP)
New Mal Junction

97 km
50 km
AirportsBagdogra110 km

One can rent a car from NJP to reach Paren and it will cost around Rs. 500-700 depending upon your destination. One can take an auto to Paren which will take few minutes from Jaldhaka.


The best time to visit Paren is throughout the year, but it is good to avoid the monsoon period from June-September due to heavy downpours.


Jaldhaka River (10 km away):

This river is also known as Dichu River in earlier times is a transboundary river with a length of 190 km that originates from Kupup or Bitang Lake in Sikkim. It is famous for its proximity to Paren and an ideal destination for visitors

Cardamom Curing Centre of Bindu (14 km away):

Tourists come here to see the methods of finest cardamom process and dye before shipping it.

Gairibas Diascorrea – (15 km away):

It is a plantation nursery that houses numerous medical plants found in the Himalayan region. It is serene, pictorial, and really an offbeat destination.

Rachela pass:

If trekking is favourite thing to do, then Rachella pass is the best place to visit. Rachella is famous for harbouring many natural lakes. Trek towards Rachella pass from Paren is an ideal trek.