Gorumara : Forest, National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary and Safari

Murti river through Gorumara forest


Bisons crossing Murti river at
Gorumara forest
Bisons crossing Murti river at
Gorumara forest

Gorumara National Park is one of the most amazing places in North Bengal that everyone wishes to visit at least once in their life. Situated just at the foothills of Eastern Himalaya in the Terai region on the flood plains in Murti and Raidak River, the place has always remained a point of attraction to nature lovers. The entire forest area is spread over an area of approx. 80 sq. km. Gorumara National Park is actually located in Malbazar subdivision of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal.  The forest area has become a popular tourist destination during the last decade and now the forest area has a concentration of tourist accommodation in Dooars with a huge increase in jungle safari facilities. 


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance
RailwaysAlipurduar Junction
New Mal Junction
New Coochbehar
New Jalpaiguri (NJP)
123 km
23 km
78 km
126 km
57 km
AirportsBagdogra72 km


It’s better to visit Gorumara forest from October to April. It’s considered the best time for the weather. The forest takes amazing look this time. The park remains open from October to June every year and it is closed from 15th June to 15th September, due to monsoon and animal breeding season. 

Way to Jatra Prasad Watchtower, Gorumara
Way to Jatra Prasad Watchtower


Core Jungle safari
Core Gorumara forest area during safari

If you are going through extreme boredom and frustrations in your day-to-day life, Gorumara National park and its adjacent areas are going to be the most perfect places to refresh yourself start all over again. The forest area and the rich wildlife in it must excite you and you will never regret visiting the place. It’s gonna offer you a wonderful holiday trip, you can never imagine.



Gorumara is the must one for animal lovers, it never returns you disappointed without any wildlife view. The forest is well known for the Asiatic one-horned-rhino. This is the place of several species of mammals, various colorful birds, reptiles, and insects.  Apart from the rhino, there are ample numbers of leopards, elephants, Indian bison, deer, python, Malayan giant squirrels, etc.

Rhino at Gorumara forest
Rhino at Gorumara forest
black-hooded oriole
Black-hooded Oriole at Gorumara Forest

The National Park is also famous as the dwelling place of almost 193 species of birds, 27 species of fishes, 7 species of turtles along with huge numbers of elephants. The winter season gifts you different types of migratory birds (teal, stork, and ibis). Apart from this, Minivets, Pheasants, Hornbills, Mynas, pigeons, Cuckoos are also very common in the Gorumara National park.  The forest is very rich with trees like siris, teak, simul, and saal(most famous). The fast increase in the number of wildlife has led to the rapid development of tourism in this area. 


Jungle safari is one of the most popular and attractive activities among tourists. The safari is generally arranged in the early morning and late afternoon on jeeps. The different forest routes explore different core areas of the National forest. During the jungle safari, you must witness the exotic beauty of the jungle along with different animals such as boars, deers, elephants, and various migratory birds from a close distance. Both the elephant safari and jeep safari guarantee the sighting of the wildlife. Here in the morning, you can enjoy the nearby places like Bindu, Jhalong, Jaldhaka and the evening excites you with cultural programs like tribal dances and folk music..

Gorumara Jeep Safari
Gorumara Jeep Safari

There are three different watchtowers, Jatraprasad, Methla and Chandrachur watchtower that provide the tourists with mesmerizing views of the entire forest area.

View from Jatra Prasad Watchtower
View from Jatra Prasad Watchtower
Methla Watchtower, Gorumara
Methla Watchtower


Jatraprasad is the most famous of all the three watchtowers; it is situated in the northern part of the forest through the National Highway. The salt lakes just below the tower are the hotspots for wild animals. 


It is situated near the southern part of the Gorumara forest. From Malbajar it takes 30-40 mins to reach here by car. Then Bullock carts are used to reach the nearby forest resorts like Kalipur Eco-village or Ramsai Rhino Camp. Methla watchtower remains open through out the year. This place is an offbeat one hence the chances of seeing wild animals are much higher.


Chandrachur watchtower is located in the midst of the open grassland that provides scope to enjoy different wildlife with a panoramic view of the forest area.  



Major point of attraction for the tourists, located at a distance of 20 km from the Gorumara National Park, from where the nature lovers can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Eastern Himalaya and the Kanchanjunga mountain.


120.2 km from Lataguri, Buxa Tiger Reserve is another famous tourist spot with a large number of tigers, cheetahs, leopards, sambars, elephants, bison, and many more. 


The Murti River flows through Gorumara National Forest and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Plenty of resorts are availabale beside the exotic Murti river for people to enjoy. It provides with often sighting of elephants and bison on the river bed. 

Apart from the these, there are Bindu, Jhalong, Suntalekhola, Rocky Island, Jayanti etc. These places attract lots of tourists every year for the exotic view of flowing streams, hills and forests altogether.

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