Damdim: Tea estate, Sightseeing and Tea garden

Damdim Hills, river and Tea Garden


Surrounded by fresh green tea gardens, Damdim is a village that can offer you sceneries of nature in the most unadulterated manner. The village is situated 8 km away from Malbazar in the Jalpaiguri district. The village is not only adorned with lush tea gardens and vibrant sceneries but it also offers the historic essence of the British era. The Tea Estate of Damdim also has a rich cultural heritage and several interesting stories attached to it. Along with enjoying the fresh tea gardens and the freshly brewed tea, one can also visit Burra Sahib Bungalow and Western Dooars Club of Damdim which will allow them to enjoy and observe the cultural specificity of the region. The estate is divided into three divisions namely Hatkhola, Barrons and the North Grant Division.


According to many, Damdim derived its name from the name of a North Eastern insect called Dim Dima. As per another local story, a fire broke in the Hatkhola factory after which one of the engineers was given the responsibility of reviving the place. However, the engineer was quite fed up with the same and monotonous Carte “Du” Jour as his breakfast was mostly omelets or some other dishes of egg. In the local language egg was referred to as “Dim”. After being served the same dish again and again, he made frequent outbursts shouting “Damn Dim” which gave the place its current name.

Damdim railway station
Damdim railway station


Damdim tea estate
Damdim tea estate

The journey towards Damdim will offer an unforgettable travel experience with roads surrounded by a variety of vegetation, from paddy fields to tropical forests. Moreover, the view of the Teesta river making its way all through the valley of mountains adorned with the lush alpine forest is a feast for the eyes and the total review from the coronation bridge is scenic heaven that we encounter while going towards Damdim. Though the village does not have many animal species, it offers a wide range of vegetation cultural specifications and historical mystery. However, Gorumara National Park is only 35 minutes away from Damdim which has Asiatic one-horned-rhino, 193 species of birds, 27 species of fishes, 7 species of turtles along with huge numbers of elephants.


A gentle stroll amidst the green tea gardens is a must for the tourists which will rejuvenate their worn-off spirit after the tussle of daily life. A visit to the Western Dooars Club of Damdim will also allow the travelers to get a peep of the planters’ social and cultural life. The club was used by Shahibs and Mem Shahibs i.e. the British lords and ladies for holding glamorous, lavish balls. It features a teak dance floor, a billiards room, a lavish kitchen, a bar, and of course sprawled alongside it, an 18-hole golf club. Taking a walk amidst the lush tea gardens, enjoying the view of the monumental past architectures, Damdim becomes a soul’s solace for Dooars lovers.


One of the greatest attractions of the tea estate of Damdim is the Burrashahib bungalow which has a 150-year-old heritage and it still carries the essence of the British era. Situated amidst the tea gardens, the architecture of the bungalow still holds the marks of the long-lost colonial age. The place was the residence of the old manager of Damdim tea estate, usually referred to as Burra Shahib. Though the days of Burra Shahibs are distant now, the Bungalow still retains the name-bearing with it the mysteries of the past. Authorities are taking efforts to restore the bungalows to their long-lost glory.

Railway through Damdim tea gardens
Railway through Damdim tea gardens
Damdim tea estate


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance
Railway stationMalbazar Jn (MLBZ)
Dam dim Railway station (DDM)
Siliguri Jn (SGUJ)
New Jalpaiguri (NJP)
7.6 Km
12.9 Km
47 km
49 Km
AirportsBagdogra58 km
HighwaysNH-17 and NH-10

The best way to visit the place is by trains like Saraighat express, Teesta Torsa express, and Kanchankanya express. Damdim has its own railway station (DDM). However, Malbazar Jn (MLBZ) is the closest big Railway station to Damdim and it is just almost 7.6 km away from the station. Car services are also available from Siliguri to Damdim. Bagdogra is the closest airport 58 Km away.


Winter is assumed to be the best time to visit Damdim. So, Travellers are advised to visit the place from mid-November to January.


Gorumara National Park (29 km away):

The forest is well known for the Asiatic one-horned-rhino. Apart from the rhino, there are ample numbers of leopards, elephants, Indian bison, deer, python, Malayan giant squirrels, etc.

Bindu (55 km away):

Bindu is a paradise for bird lovers with over 100 different species of birds inhabiting the dense forests. It has many exceptional viewpoints like Garibas, Dalgaon etc.

Murti (23 Km away):

It is situated near the Murti river between the Chaparmari forest and Gorumara National Park. While staying in Murti, you can see its serene beauty as well as the rich wildlife near to Murti.

Lataguri (35 Km away): 

Permission for entering Gorumara and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is given from Lataguri. The deep green forest along with several streams such as Murti, Jaldhaka, and Torsha has enhanced the beauty of the place.

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