Totopara : Toto Tribe, Tribal Culture, Picnic spot, How to Reach

Traditional Toto huts in Totopara


In Dooars, Totopara is a small village located in the Madarihat-Birpara CD block of the Alipurduar district, West Bengal. In the north, the locality is limited by Bhutan foothills and in the east, there is a river called torsa. Houri river separated this place from the Titi reserve which is in the south-west part of this locality. It is the eastern end of dooars. It is a broad region in the eastern finish of the Dooars in West Bengal, generally forested, with various rivers streaming down from the Himalayas in Bhutan.


Mother Daughter duo at Totopara
Mother Daughter duo at Totopara

Totopara is renowned all over due to its exceptional Toto society and its originality, ethnicity culture. Totos are one of the aged and isolated ancestral populations living just in Totopara at the foot of the Himalayas. Totopara is outstanding amongst other places of interest in the Dooars area. Their way of life is quite fascinating as they are into the family framework. There are some limitations which they need to follow like monogamy among them and also polygamy isn’t denied simultaneously love marriages are accepted but they don’t allow separation or divorce.

They used to live in raised bamboo hovel lifting machas with straw thatches. A single log is placed to get to the hut & this log is meant to be drawn up at night. Their fundamental food marua yet now their food incorporates rice, milk, vegetable, meat and curry-like others. Essentially, this is perhaps the best spot for a vacationer where they can appreciate the genuine taste of the ancestral town, their way of history, lifestyle & custom.

Toto tribe huts in Totopara



Totopara Picnic Spot
Totopara Picnic Spot

Totopara is an unquestionable Picnic Spot in Dooars. You will be able to observe the way of life and culture of one of the distinguished tribes of West Bengal. Totopara is the best spot for you where you will be encircled by an overwhelming view of hills. the spot is close to the Indo-Bhutan Border. Mainly the riverbank of Torsa ends up being an ideal outing spot.


Get a break from your daily lifestyle and witness the ancient Toto culture in Totopara. Their culture, festival, lifestyle and their rituals will definitely enrich you. The serenity and simplicity of this place will charge your inner soul.


The best time to visit Totopara will be from October to May. During the rainy season, the river bed flourished and many of the areas can come underwater. You should avoid visiting this place in June, July, August.


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance
Railway stationAlipurduar Junction
New Alipurduar
New Coochbehar
New Jalpaiguri (NJP)
54 km
59.3 km
73.2 km
148.8 km
AirportsBagdogra159.1 km
HighwaysNH-3122.9 km

The way to reach Totopara is to take a cab from Alipurduar, Hasimara, Malbajar or any nearby town and go there. The charges should be around Rs.2000. The route goes by the side or Torsa river towards the north and is one of the most amazing routes of Dooars.


Jaldapara National Park (22.9km) –  Spread across a sprawling 216km and famous for one-horned rhinos.

 Lankapara (27.1km) – This small village is a bird watchers paradise.

Chilapata Forest(30.4km) – A dense forest on the bank of the Torsa River.

Sikiajhora (58.1km)– The dense wet forest is popularly known as the “Amazon of Dooars”

Jaldapara elephant Safari
Jaldapara elephant Safari
Gorumara National park Safari
Gorumara National park Safari

Chukchuki watchtower(102km) – Ideal destination for bird watchers located inside the Gorumara National Park.

BuBuxa Fort : Places to Visit, How to Reach, and Trekxa (68.4km)– A short trekking trip to Buxa fort is the ultimate escape from reality.

Jayanti(72.4km)- Jayanti is a small village deemed as the “Queen of Dooars”

Gorumara National Park (99.5km) – here one can witness a great variety of wildlife with powerful binoculars.

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