Khayerbari Dooars: Places to Visit, Forest, Park and Picnic Spot

A usual sight at Khayerbari


If you want solace and escape from the hectic schedule of life then the best tourist spot in Dooars no doubt. Khayerbari is situated along the banks of River Torsa and it is a unique place with a plethora of scenic beauty. It has a nature park located at a distance of 12 km from Hasimara Railway Station and 18 km from Madarihat, South Khayerbari is a Rescue and Rehabilitation center in felines. It is a perfect place to visit if you are in Jaldapara because of its distance. The distance between Jaldapara and South Khayerbari is 15 km. This place has become a prominent attraction for nature lovers traveling to the Dooars region. It has an adorning beauty. You can here experience the warmth and thrill of the forest cottages in here.


River flowing through
River flowing through

This place consists of a lot of nature parks to visit. Leopards are a common animal to be found here. You can experience the roar of the Royal Bengal tiger while going for a Jangle Safari. The nature park in Khayerbari is known especially as a Rescue center for Royal Bengal Tiger and Leopard. You can see different migrating birds in the forests. This is in fact, a great place to visit for wildlife lovers and photographers.

khayerbari leopard rescue center:

Khayerbari is mainly known as “Royal Bengal Tiger & Leopard” rescue centre. 11 tigers were first brought to this preservation centre after rescuing them from the Olympic circus in the Hooghly district.  South Khayerbari Nature Park is a tiger rescue centre just 15 km away from Jaldapara. The park has been developed to ensure treatment and rehabilitation of leopards and tigers and it also provides an opportunity for tourists to get a close spot to watch the animals with all their natural glory. The leopards and tigers have been kept in a natural environment in this park. Battery-operated cars are used to conduct safari tours in this nature park. River Buri Torsa is flowing through the South Khayerbari Nature Park.


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance
Railway stationMadarihat
18 km
12 km
AirportsBagdogra160 km


Plenty of car services are available from Jaldapara a well as from Hasimara to reach Khayerbari. Cars normally charge Rs. 1200/- to drop you here. Charges can slightly differ according to the destination place


It is one of the few places in Dooars which can be visited throughout the year, without any kind of restrictions. Unlike, other forests in Dooars, it is fascinating to know that it even doesn’t create hindrance in monsoon season. It remains open during the heavenly monsoon season.


Though there are a number of listed things to do while your stay in Khayerbari. Most beautiful is the Torsa River which is a great place as well as a picnic spot. Tours in battery-operated cars are readily available for the tourists and they can go for Safari in the dense forest and enjoy a close gaze with the Royal Bengal Tigers as well as Leopards.

You can also visit Jaldapara National park and enjoy Safari in jeeps, the price is quite affordable and you can see different wildlife over here in their semi-natural habitat which is much more mesmerizing.

Don’t forget to visit the South Khayerbari nature park, it is breathtakingly beautiful. It especially nurtures the animals belonging to the cat family. Nature is literally crawling into your space; it is one of the most soothing as well as adventurous places. There are also five units to explore in Khayerbari. Each unit has three cells with the rescued felines, from where one can take clear shots of tigers.

South Khayerbari leopard rescue center
South Khayerbari leopard rescue center
Torsa River during Sunset
Torsa River during Sunset

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