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Elephant safari at Jaldapara


Jaldapara is a unique place of Dooars situated in the foothills of Eastern Himalaya, in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. The natural beauty, cultural heritage and wildlife of the place has made it popular among the tourists.  No wonder the flora and fauna is considered finest here. River Torsa gives this place an additional charm. The deep mysterious forest makes Jaldapara a worthwhile escape from the mundane world. The Malongi river which also flows from east to west in its sanctuary provides extensive grassland which is a refugee to a wide variety of animals.


 Jaldapara is enriched with an extensive variety of flora and fauna. One can spot a variety of animals and birds enjoying the paradise of the forest. One horn Rhinoceros are famous here. Elephants, Indian leopard, Bison, Barking Deer, Wild boar, spotted deer, Rhinoceros are specially preserved here.

Jaldapara is very famous for rare Indian Rhinoceros which is why the wildlife Sanctuary protects this great species (Rhinoceros Unicornis). Also one can see within the sanctuary other varieties of animals like swamp Deer, Leopards, sambars, Hog deer, wild pigs, Jungle fowl, tigers, and last but not the least enormous elephants which give you the real wild vibes.

Other than wild animals, Jaldapara is also a bird lover’s paradise. More than 240 species of birds are found here and it is one of the very few places in India, where the Bengal florican is sighted. Other endangered bird species found in the Sanctuary are Black partridge, Shaheen Falcon, Great Pied Hornbills, Forest Eagle Owl, Large Green-billed Malkoha White Rumped Vulture, and Lesser Adjutant Stork.

One horned Rhino at Jaldapara
One horned Rhino at Jaldapara
Peacock at Jaldapara national park
Peacock at Jaldapara national park


Jeep Safari at Jaldapara
Jeep Safari at Jaldapara
Elephant safari at Jaldapara
Elephant safari at Jaldapara
Elephant ride beside Hollong River

This is the best place to visit if you are planning to go and feel embraced in the love with mother nature. It is famous for its National park and rich flora and fauna. There are numerous places to visit once you enter Jaldapara.

SIGHTSEEING: Jaldapara welcomes you with its vivid scenic beauty, charming river, the deep forest where you can easily go for an adventurous safari and see the mysterious bright eye animals in the dense forest. You can enjoy the safaris with guides, you can stay in the forest Bungalow. You can go to a watchtower to see the birds. There are many more exotic animals in the jungles. Elephant sighting is too quite common and they can be found wandering on grasslands or by the banks of river. Locals here says the Bisons can be even more dangerous than wild elephants although they apparently look docile.

ELEPHANT SAFARI: Elephant safari as the word is more thrilling and adventurous. Jaldapara national park is unique. People specially come here to ride elephants they are guided by the local guides and they enjoy an enchanting ride amidst the vast forest. Elephant ride has become famous and a perfect attraction for tourists in Jaldapara, mostly this forest is famous for its Eco-friendly and eco-tourism approach. Elephant safari in Jaldapara takes place in the morning hours and starts at the Hollong Lodge of WBFDC. As the Safari starts early in the morning you need to arrange for the tickets the day before from the authorized ticket counters. These safaris are operated by the staff of the Forest Department on trained elephants. You can take your own vehicle up to the lodge for a safari. Elephants would come and stand next to the elevated Platform so that you can take a seat on its back. Legs hang and there is a rallying that you need to latch on to. Usually, 4 adults are allowed per elephant. But some adjustments are done if you have a kid with you.

HOLLONG RIVER: Holong river is the scenic beauty of Jaldapara that offers you mesmerizing site. Staying in Holong can be mesmerizing experience for wildlife photographer and the nature lover. Holong tourist lodge is best place for the tourists to come and rest to enjoy the safaris. It is located deep inside the Jaldapara national park which gives sense of closeness toward the nature for all guests. It is about 7-8 km inside forest and a beautiful place to live in serenity amidst the wild forest.


Transport TypeNearby PlacesDistance
RailwaysNew Jalpaiguri
Jalpaiguri Road
New Alpurduar
Mal Jn
125 km
76 km
59 km
22 km
52 km
71 km

The nearest railway station to Jaldapara is Madarihat which is 1 Km away but not a lot of train stops there. The next option is Falakata but only Teesta torsa express stops there. Normally people prefers Mal Jn or Alipurduar since a lot of other places can be covered from those places. Plently of cars are available from Alipurduar and Malbajar which will take Rs.2000 and Rs.2500 respectively. Buses are also available from Alipurduar, Falakata, Malbajar, Cooch Behar to reach Madarihat (Jaldapara).


Winter and the onset of summer season, the temperature remains moderate an d comfortable. Best months to visit are September, October, November, December, March and May. All the seasons have its own charm.

Hotels and Resorts:

Hollong Bungalow:

Hollong tourist lodge is a perfect place to enjoy the wilderness of the Jaldapara National Park closely. Located in the midst of the dense forest, Hollong Tourist Lodge is maintained by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. It is also famous as Hollong Bungalow, situated in a spacious and wide area.

Gachbari Resort:

Imagine living in a cottage away from the chaos of the township, surrounded by tea gardens and the dense forest and beside a clean water flow. That’s Gachbari resort for you. Click on the name above to know more.

Sisamara forest bliss homestay:

Sisamara forest bliss homestay is a resort situated beside the serene river Sisamara and right beside the dense forest. Click on the name above to know more.

Hollong Eco Village Resort:

Hollong eco village resort is one of the oldest resorts of Madarihat. Located a little far from the forest entry gate but very near to the forest in Madhya Madarihat. Click on the name above to know more.

Jaldapara Wild Hut Resort:

Jaldapara Wild Hut is one of the most popular resorts in Jaldapara. It is situated just within 500m of the Jaldapara Gate which makes it easy for you to reach the national park. It is a family-friendly resort ideal for occasions like Holi or Diwali. Food is one of the best aspects of this resort.


SOUTH KHAIRBARI (11 km) A must visit for wildlife lovers because It is a Leopard Rehabilitation Center.

CHILAPATA FOREST (20 km): Chilapata is separated from Jaldapara by Torsa river hence the wildlife and vegetation is similar.

KUNJANAGAR PARK– Located close to Jaldapara famous as a picnic spot. There is a forest bungalow for those who wish to stay back for the night. Especially on a full- moon night.

COOCHBEHAR– Tourists travelling to Jaldapara can drive down to Coochbehar and see Madanmohan temple and Rajbari (Palace).

Chilapata Nal rajar Garh
Chilapata Nal rajar Garh


RoomsFoods (Per head per day)Safari
Rs. 1200-2000Rs. 450-600Rs. 1200/Gypsy
Rs. 600/ head for elephant

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