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Kodalbasti : Chilapata, Forest, Resorts, and Wildlife

Riverside near Kodalbasti forest


Kodalbasti falls under the Chilapata forest on the southern side of the Kalchini block. It is a village as unique as its name, predominantly populated by the Rava Tribal groups and Mech.

Kodalbasti Safari route

Many beautiful villages at Kodalbasti which has a tribal trail for the tourists visiting the Chilapata forest. It has all the qualities to be called the perfect holiday destination in Chilapata tour packages. It is a small settlement but an amusing place in the Alipurduar district of West Bengal. Its greatest attraction is its wildness, flora, and fauna which makes it an adventurous place to visit. Moreover, you can visit many other destinations and nearby places once you are in Chilapata. Every small settlement here carries a big attraction. This is among one of the breathtaking offbeat places of Dooars along with other popular places like Buxa and Jayanti.


No wonder this is one of the best destinations if you want to be wrapped with nature and its flora and fauna. The elephants on the elephant cottages are marvelous. Kodalbasti provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for adventure lovers to stay amidst the vast jungle and experience pin-drop silence with sounds of different wild creatures here. Isn’t it thrilling? one can see a variety of reptiles and 180 species of birds of different colors. Some rare orchids are found in this forest as well. Apart from Asian elephants and one-horned Rhinos, sambar, barking deer, wild boar, hog deer, cheetah, leopard, and monkey can be found in the forest.

Elephant in Chilapata forest during Kodalbasti safari
Elephant in Chilapata forest during Kodalbasti safari


Every season has its own charm but the best season to set your destination to Kodalbasti is during March-April. During this time, you can spot different animals including one horn Rhinos. You can also go for the elephant Safari which is splendid. 


Nalgarh in Chilapata forest

In Chilapata, you can visit a number of places, Kodalbasti is definitely one of them. You can visit the enchanting Torsa river, Chilapata Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a home to different species is very near to the place Kodalbasti. You can also visit Mendabari Watchtower and Mendari jungle camp to spot different animals. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is another attraction and Khayerbari Leopard Rescue Centre is close by. One can also visit to be deeply engaged with the beautiful fragrance of tea in Mathura Tea Estate. Moreover, the rich Rabha Tribal community can be spotted here and a real forest feeling is definitely going to attract you. Jhalong, Bindu, Suntalekhola, and Jaldhaka is a breathtaking village located near Chilapata. Safari and sightseeing are available for different places near Kodalbasti.


Safaris starting from 2300 INR, Bamboo cottages come at 2000 INR. Food is charged separately.


Here in this village one of the best attractions is the ruins. State Forest Development Agency WBSFA runs an eco-tourism resort at Kodalbasti providing all basic accommodation facilities. The rich Rava tribe can be seen here which will give you a glimpse of ancient India. The best part of the Rabha tribe is that they still follow their traditional ways and architectural features to build their present homes, which is worth seeing. They are self-sustainable tribes who are dependent on farming.

Way to Chilapata from Kodalbasti check post
Way to Chilapata from Kodalbasti check post

Other things which make their livelihood are preparation of local wine at their individual houses which is also very famous. Tourists are experimental and often demand to taste the local food and drink in order to have the local or tribal flavor. Being a part of Chilapata Forest it is best to experience wildlife in the dense forest. The elephant cottages here are rare and beautiful and are made with cement, brick, and wood in local style standing on concrete stilts while the bamboo cottages seen here are more authentic. And the Mendabari Jungle camp reminds one of the rural lives of ancestors. Kodalbasti is a must-visit if you are planning a tour to Chilapata.