Government Resort

Rasikbil WBFDC Resort

Rasikbil WBFDC Resort, Government Resort

Rasikbil WBFDC resort is an eco-resort built by the West Bengal Forest Department Corporation. There are two non-AC cottages and 2 eight bedded rooms in the resort. This eco-resort is bounded by the tall wooded trees from there tourists can enjoy the chirping of birds. All the cottages have a living room. This resort has become one of the famous places for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Ramsai Rhino Camp Gorumara

Ramsai Rhino Camp, Gorumara, Lataguri Government Resort

Ramsai Rhino Camp is in the Kalamati Village, Ramsai, 7 km away in the core area of the dense forest from Lataguri. The entire Gorumara forest range is visible from here, which gives you an enthralling experience as a whole. You can see wildlife, especially wild elephants, varieties of birds, bison, and so many other wild animals.

Suntalekhola River Camp

Suntalekhola River Camp, Suntalekhola

West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC) maintains the Suntalekhola river camp with four tents near the stream of Suntaley. Swiss and Popinjay tents of Suntalekhola River Camp are perched at a significantly higher elevation, giving more privacy and a breathtaking view of the isolated area.

Chilapata Jungle Camp

Chilapata Jungle Camp, Chilapata

Chilapata Jungle Camp with its rustic look and idyllic setting attracts travelers who appreciate an authentic, intimate, educative and inspiring interaction with nature and the local culture. It is located in the midst of a lush green forest with its beautiful six elephant cottages and two bamboo cottages.

Chilapata Wild Cottage

Chilapata Wild Cottage, Kodalbasti, Chilapata

Chilapata Wild Cottage gives you the best view of nature with the sound of the wild and the flowing Torsa framed with a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga. This is a very small homestay with three cozy rooms located on the corridor between Chilapata forest and Jaldapara National Park.

Banante Resort

Banante Resort, Jayanti, Buxa Tiger Reserve

Banante resort is one of the oldest resorts in Jayanti. It is situated on the banks of the Jayanti River in the beautiful village of Jayanti. We rank it number 2 in Jayanti because of its location, food, and service. They used to be the only source of food till 2015.

Mendabari Jungle Camp

Mendabari Jungle Camp, Mendabari, Chilapata

Mendabari Jungle camp is one of the best options if you want to enjoy a silent night in the midst of nature below a clear sky full of stars, along with the frequent sounds of the wildlife around the compound. The resort and its adjacent areas are also the perfect places if you want to know about the tribal folks and their culture.

Murti Banani resort

Murti Banani Resort, Murti, Lataguri

Murti Banani resort is situated on the bank of the Murti River and it’s about 70km from NJP. The resort with its 2stored main building and cottages is spread across the garden. It is one of the WBFDC’s most prominent lodges.