নেপালীদের "দেউশি" উৎসব

ডুয়ার্স তথা পাহাড়ের ঐতিহ্যবাহি সংস্কৃতি নেপালীদের “দেউশি” উৎসব…

“দেউশি” উৎসবটি নেপাল, সিকিম, পশ্চিম বংগের পাহাড় ও ডুয়ার্সে পালিত করা হয় নেপালী ভাইটিকার দিনে। শব্দটি এসেছে মুলত “দেউশিরা” থেকে।

Nal Rajar Garh or Nalgarh or Mendabari Fort

Nalgarh Fort: History, Structure, Myth, Chilapata Forest

This structure of historical prominence is nothing but the famous Old Fort of Nal king, mostly known as ‘Nalgarh’. This famous ancient monument is located in the deeply forested area of Chilapata, which is renowned as an elephant corridor between the Buxa Tiger Reserve and Jaldapara

Jayanti Railway - History and Significance

Jayanti Railway: History and Significance

Those who used to travel from Alipurduar by train on Jayanti at that time could not forget the thrilling journey of this railway even today. A different feeling was created in the heart of this Jayanti to Alipurduar train journey. In the literature and stories of many writers, the Jayanti journey by train is still immortal