Sikiajhora : Places to Visit, How to Reach, and Boat Safari

Sikiajhora - Amazon of Dooars


Sikiajhora is a rivulet that meanders into the Buxa Tiger Reserve in the North Panialguri of Alipurduar. An eco-park, with a boat riding service, is built around the rivulet which flows through the dense forest of Damnapur Range, rich in biodiversity. There is a watchtower from where a panoramic view of the entire river can be seen flowing through the dense graceful jungle with a backdrop of the peaceful Himalayan range. The eco-park is a popular picnic spot with its lush green ambience posing as a perfect place for enjoying a day. There is a small picturesque bridge over a canal that falls into the rivulet. The Sikiajhora eco-park also has swings and fountains which are a favorite for children when they go for picnics and boat safari. People can also take long walks around the tea estates and enjoy the shades of trees. 


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance
Railway stationAlipurduar Junction
New Alipurduar
New Coochbehar
12.7 km
17.3 km
38 km
AirportsBagdogra185 km
HighwaysNH-313.5 km


The best time to visit Sikiajhora is from November to February. During Monsoon, the water level increases and tourists are generally not allowed to visit.


Sikiajhora lake from the boat
Sikiajhora lake from the boat

Eco-park entry fee: Rs. 20 per head.

Boat safari Fee: Rs.60 per head.

The eco-park is complete with a car parking area, and restrooms. 


There is a tremendous animal, bird, butterfly and plant biodiversity in the area and 60 per cent of the species found here are endemic to the reserve. Footprints and pawprints of wild animals are a common sight on the banks during the adventurous Sikiajhora boat safari. The elephant and the tiger are prime species found in the reserve and there are plenty of Leopard, Fishing Cat, Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Indian Civet, Palm Civet, Wild Dogs, Malayan Giant Squirrels, Mongooses, Asian Elephant, Gaur, Small Clawless Otter etc.

View during Boat Safari
Birds of Sikiajhora
Birds of Sikiajhora

Buxa Tiger Reserve is known for having more than 516 species of migratory and local birds and Sikiajhora being a part of it inherits a lot of these endemic birds. Moreover, the marshy lands and presence of the waterbody makes it an ideal habitat for birds, especially water birds making it a paradise for bird lovers and birdwatching. Some of the birds found in Sikiajhora are herons, kingfishers, cormorants, storks, ducks, mallards, egrets, moorhens, ibis, and even hornbills.


The dense wet forest is popularly known as the “Amazon of Dooars” or North Bengal’s Sunderbans for its amazing resemblance to the river Amazon and the mangroves in Sunderbans. The unique Sikiajhora boat safari service attracts tourists and is known to showcase a wide range of birds and wild animals. Each boat can accommodate 10-14 people and only one boat at a time is allowed for the safari.

The quaint river flows through the jungle twisting under trees that hunch into the water and boatmen have to move the branches with sticks for the boat to be able to pass through. The 4km Sikiajhora boat safari showcases a wide range of rare orchids, medicinal plants, exclusive trees with the sound of exotic birds swimming in the water or perched on branches singing.

The boat ride is a thrill for tourists as it promises sights of a great collection of butterflies, birds, and wild animals. The boatmen carry a kukri, a type of steel weapon, with them on every boat ride as elephants, wild boars, and cheetahs are often found drinking water along the river. This tremendous adventurous boat safari has made Sikiajhora a must-visit for tourists in Dooars. 

Drone view of boat safari at Sikiajhora
Sikiajhora: Amazon of North Bengal


Places Distance
Alipurduar15 km
Coochbehar40 km
Jayanti35 km
Jaldapara50 km
Malbazar121 km
Gorumara127 km

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