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Jayanti of Buxa Tiger Reserve


Jayanti is a small village deemed as the “Queen of Dooars”, within Buxa Tiger Reserve in the Alipurduar district in West Bengal, India. It is located along with the Bhutan Hills in its backdrop and Jayanti River adding a natural charm to it. It is popular with the hikers for its view of surrounding landscape and wild fountains that gives a perfect panoramic and serene view.

The road to Jayanti passes through the dense forest of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. The village is rich for its greenery and tranquility. It is among the often-visited places for travelers. This place is also renowned for its past glory today, nature has thrived here, the forest is green and wildlife is aplenty. This may be the very reason why people want to visit there to spend peaceful days in the lap of mother nature, away from the mundane world. So, if you want to leave your worries and feel younger, then Jayanti is a go-to option for you.

Jayanti river and hills
Jayanti river and hills


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance
Railway stationAlipurduar Junction
New Alipurduar
New Coochbehar
New Mal Junction
New Jalpaiguri (NJP)
22 km
25 km
12 km
65 km
75 km
156 km
210 km
AirportsBagdogra220 km
HighwaysNH-3129 km


It is advisable to reach Alipurduar. Plenty of cars are available from Alipurduar to reach Jayanti. Cars normally charge Rs. 1200 to drop you here. Cars are also available from Coochbehar and Hasimara.


Alipurduar to Jayanti: 7 AM and 2 PM.

Jayanti to Alipurduar: 9 AM and 4 PM.

Buxa Tiger Reserve Entry fee:

Transport TypeEntry Fee
Bike200 Rs.
Car400 Rs.
Per Person120 Rs.

Charges not required if you are coming by bus.


Homestay near 28 miles basti

This village looks different in winter and monsoon.

During monsoon this place is gloomy, green and the river is full of water.

During Winter this place is Grey, foggy and mysterious.

Both are beautiful in their own way.


Buxa tiger reserve has got it’s name as it’s a tiger reservation area. Hence it has a few royal bengal tigers in the core area which can rarely be seen by the tourists. Leopards are a common animal that can be found easily. Some of the other common wildlife that can be found in Buxa includes elephants, Bison, also known as Gaurs, barking deer, Wild dogs, jackals, wild cats giant squirrels, Marble cats, black necked cranes can be found during the forest safari. Among the reptiles Indian Cobra and Python are quite common but other venomous and beautiful snakes can also be seen. Himalayan leopards are native to Buxa and North East India. 

Python resting near Pokhri Hill
Python resting near Pokhri Hill

BIRDING AT JAYANTI: Plethora of migratory birds are seen mostly in winter here. You can also find birds like Goosanders, Ibis Bill, Fork tails, red-stars, Wag-tails etc. are specially found by the river banks of Jayanti and Raidak rivers. Hornbills is the main attraction for the people who love birding.


Elephant found during Jayanti Core Safari
Elephant found during Jayanti Core Safari


These watchtowers are situated on the other side of the river. These are situated deep inside the forest which are favourite places for elephants and bisons. There are 2 timings to go to chunia basti and bhutia basti. 6 AM in the morning and 3PM in the afternoon. Charges per Jeep including guide is Rs.1200.


Safaris have to be booked in advance. Gypsy cars take you to the core area of Buxa Tiger Reserve where you might come face to face with the creatures that rule the forest. Only 6 people are allowed per car and the timings are 6AM and 3PM. Charges per jeep including guide is Rs.1500.


The local market at Jayanti where you can find local stuff.


Want to spend a romantic evening with your friends in the river side sitting on top of the frames, Jayanti River is heavenly and a must visit place if you are in Buxa. It welcomes the people and gives a cool, romantic mesmerizing breeze which you can capture as a photo frame and endure it in your memory forever. The white pebbled riverside of the river is also a must- visit for tourists. You can moreover go for a river side camping with your friends or family which can also be the most romantic setup for newly wedded couples. You can experience the presence of deer amidst the jungle, which is thrilling too.

Jeeps on Jayanti Riverbed
Lepchakha Homestay
Lepchakha Homestay


Located in North Bengal, 30 kilometers from Alipurduar, Buxa Fort is a place shrouded with mystery and history.  A short trekking trip with your loved ones can give you a fresh start from your mundane daily life. It will give you the opportunity to rediscover yourself in the wilderness of the deep green forest. The Bhutanese king had built the fort to protect the part of the Silk route which connects Tibet with India through Bhutan


Lepchakha is a small beautiful Indo-Bhutan village. It is on the hilltop of Buxa Tiger Reserve. If you want to find solace for a few days from every day’s dull routine then this place will be your perfect destination.  It takes three hours to complete the trek of Lepchakha from Santalabari. The view of the entire buxa tiger reserve from the Lepchakha viewpoint is mesmerising.


Chota mahakal can be reached from Jayanti in a car but to reach Boro Mahakal you need to trek for 2 hours from Chota Mahakal. Boro Mahakal is the most exciting trek of Buxa Tiger Reserve. Boro Mahakal is recommended only for the people who are a little experienced because it can be a very risky for aged people.


This is just 4 km away from Jayanti. The local people consider Pokhri Lake as a holy and sacred place. They don’t even touch the lake water with their feet. There are so many stories about this place; the local people have huge faith in the Goddess Pokhri. The lake is full of big-sized Catfish (Magur and Singi) and Turtle, which are considered another reason to attract the tourists, they love to feed the fishes with puffed rice. 

Turtles of Pokhri Lake
Turtles of Pokhri Lake


If you are thinking where to stay, my friend, don’t worry, the Rest House operated by the forest department is easily available and affordable.

Jayanti RIverview Homestay
Jayanti RIverview Homestay

Jayanti Riverview Homestay: Jayanti Riverview is situated on the river banks in the beautiful village of Jayanti. They rank it number one here because of its location, food, and service.

Banate Resort: Situated right next to the River. And food? not at all a worry. They serve typical Bengali Cuisine for lunch (fish, dal, bhaat, curry) are readily available. The river in front of the resort adds to the beauty.

Fairy Bluebird Homestay: Although Fairy bluebird resort doesn’t have a google map location as of yet but it’s not very difficult to find. You have to take the road that passes by the Jayanti High School and goes up to River Dam, and just beside Banante Resort, You will find the beautiful, small and private Fairy bluebird homestay. 

Jayanti Eco Villa Homestay: This Eco villa homestay is situated 100 m away from the banks of Jayanti River in the beautiful village of Jayanti. It is just beside the Jayanti School football ground.


Expense typeSpends
Rooms1200-2000 Rs.
Food450-550 Rs. per day
Core Safari1500 Rs. per Gypsy (With guide)
Choto Mohakal1500 Rs. per Car (With guide)
Boro Mohakal1800 Rs. per Car (With guide)
Pokhri Hill650 Rs. per Car (With guide)
Santalabari600 Rs, per Car
Chunia Basti1200 Rs. per Car (With guide)


No doubt Jayanti is famous for its serene beauty and wildlife. Moreover, as we know “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. River side Camping and safaris are adventurous as well as wild. Jayanti River is a big cause for your visit. It’s an eye catcher and a mesmerizing place. The adrenaline rushes as you move along the forest trails and spot all sorts of diverse wildlife- the experience is worth a lifetime.

Tourists enjoying a swim at Jayanti River
Tourists enjoying a swim at Jayanti River


Here is something that only the locals will tell you. Jayanti river will offer you plenty of opportunity to have a swim. The problem is the river near the village is very shallow and not suitable for a good bath. If you towards the Mahakal caves and go past Choto Mahakal towards Boro Mahakal then you will find amazing places to have a swim. Don’t look for places where the water runs fast. Look for places just below a small waterfall where the water is more stagnant and moderately deep. The swimming places get better if you go past Boro mahakal towards Jorapahar. Ask the local people about Jorapahar and they will help.


Places Distance
Rajabhatkhawa15 km
Alipurduar30 km
Coochbehar50 km
Jaldapara50.4 km
Gorumara130 km
Chilapata60 km

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