Hatipota : Picnic Spot, Forest Bungalow, and How to Reach

River near Hatipota


Situated in the lap of Dooars and adorned with fresh green tea gardens, Hatipota is your perfect weekend getaway. It is located at the border of India and Bhutan and is a part of Alipurduar district. It has an enchanting forest that comes under Buxa National Park. If you like to spend your time in complete serenity in a village fenced with forest, then Hatipota is your destination. Hatipota is a beautiful hamlet and it is not far away from Jayanti. It is the mirror image of Jayanti because Hatipota is on the other side of the Jayanti Hills. Other than its fresh green tea garden and blue mountains orchestrating a picture-perfect background, it also has a distinctive variety of vegetation. Frequent sighting of Elephants also acts as a special attraction.


The main area of the Hatipota range has a real thick vegetation and a few places are so dense that it becomes impenetrable for sunlight. After a heavy rain, the fresh green vegetation and the tea gardens got rejuvenated and on top of that, the smell of freshly soaked soil will take your exhaustion away. Though the place has many wild animals, its special attraction is elephants. One can easily spot elephants here. Besides the forest and the wildlife, Hatipota is decked up with rivers and tea gardens. Buxa Tiger Reserve is situated only an hour away where one can find Tiger, Bisons, Indian buffalo, panther, numerous varieties of deer and other warm-blooded creatures, countless types of Himalayan birds and reptiles.

Hatipota field for Migratory birds
Hatipota field for Migratory birds


Hatipota Tea Garden
Hatipota Tea Garden

One of the tourist spots here is Phaskhaowa River Bed, which has beautiful tea gardens in its backdrop. Moreover, away from the hustle and bustle of daily modern life, if one wants to enjoy a cool breeze and gentle scenery, spending some quality time in proximity with nature then Hatipota is especially appropriate. It has great forest bungalows and resorts from the balcony of which one can gaze towards the mountain and can enjoy the scene of a perfect, peaceful forest ambience. What makes the spot worth choosing is that it has a different kind of vegetation and undergrowth than the type that is usually spotted in Buxa National Park. Furthermore, one can also enjoy the scenery while enjoying authentic traditional food like momos



The best way to visit the place is by trains like Saraighat express, Teesta Torsa express, and Kanchankanya express.

Nearest Rly Station:  New Alipurduar is the closest Rly station, Hatipota is just 29 km away from the station.

Closest Airport: Bagdogra is the closest airport to Jayanti.

Car service: One can rent a car from Alipurduar to reach Hatipota and it will cost around Rs.1500 to Rs.1700. One can take an auto to Samuktala which is 20 km from Alipurduar and it will take half an hour. From Samuktala, one can take an auto to Hatipota. It takes 15 minutes to reach Hatipota from Samuktala.

There is another route to reach Hatipota from Jayanti through Bhutia Basti village. One should have special permission from the forest department to avail that route. This route goes through the dense forest and one of the most underrated hidden gems of Buxa Tiger Reserve.


The best time to visit Hatipota is from June to September. Buxa Tiger Reserve remains closed from June 15th to September 15th due to heavy downpours and animal breeding season..


Samuktala (20 km away):

It has an old church and one of the oldest market places in the region. During winter, the sun rays falling on top of Bhutan Hill can be seen here, which is a treat for the eyes.

Bhutanghat (27 km away):

It serves as an elephant corridor as well as many rare animals are found here including one-horned Asiatic rhino, leopard. You can also find Royal Bengal Tiger while traveling across Bhutanghat, bison are common here. Wild dogs, birds are common here. It is the best place for people who are lovers of wildlife.

Bhutanghat near Hatipota
Bhutanghat near Hatipota
Chuniya basti watchtower
Chuniya basti watchtower

Bhutia Basti and Chunia Basti (18 km away):

Wildlife is the main attraction of this place along with the nearby River Raidak. Different kinds of birds including Red-breasted Parakeets, Imperial Green pigeons and one Rufous Woodpecker, Green-billed Malkoha, and so on can be seen here.

Buxa Tiger Reserve (40 km):

The world-famous Royal Bengal Tiger has made Buxa Tiger Reserve it’s home. The reserve holds the largest number of elephants, Bisons, Indian buffalo, panther, numerous varieties of deer and other warm-blooded creatures, countless types of Himalayan birds and reptiles. 

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