Bhutanghat : Places to Visit, How to Reach, and Birding

Bhutanghat Raidak


Bhutanghat located 45 km from Alipurduar near Indo-Bhutan border on the bank of spiraling river Raidak, which flows from the mountainous valley of Bhutan to the plain region of Dooars is a marvelous place to visit and to bestowed with the magic and mysteries of nature. Bhutanghat as the very name suggests has derived its name from Bhutan because of its proximity to it. It is covered by luxurious green forests and in its backdrop the hills which makes it worthy to visit.

This place has become an attraction for tourists and has gained its prominence in the tourism field for being a scenically blessed hamlet. Its scenic beauty makes it a must visit destination place for tourists. It is strategically located near the border area and an extension of Buxa Tiger Reserve, it is an attractive destination for wildlife lovers. If you are bored with the toxic life and want to detoxify yourself, nature is the best healer and Bhutanghat is the paradise.

Raidak River near Bhutan Ghat
Raidak River near Bhutan Ghat


Transport TypeNearby OptionDistance
Railway stationAlipurduar Junction
Siliguri (NJP)
50 km
50 km
218 km
AirportsBagdogra220 km
HighwaysNH-3133 km

You can reach Bhutanghat from Jayanti through Bhutiabasti and Hatipota. The alternative option would be to take a car from Alipurduar and go to Bhutanghat via NH31.


Transport TypeEntry Fee
Bike200 Rs.
Car400 Rs.
Per Person120 Rs.

Charges not required if you are coming by bus


Raidak river during Winter

Each season has its own charm but if you really want to enjoy the weather with nature then the monsoon season from mid-June-September is considered the best time to visit.

Monsoon time is when the forest shows its misty emerald beauty the whole place remains covered with green forest everywhere, where your eyes can reach

Winter its bit gloomy to visit due to the cold weather everything seems silent.


It is very rich in wildlife. It serves as an elephant corridor as well as many rare animals are found here including one horned Asiatic rhino, leopard. You can also find leopard while travelling across Bhutanghat via Bhutiabasti, bisons and elephants are common here. Wild dogs, birds are common here. Ikt is the best place for people who are lovers of wildlife.


Bhutanghat is known for its best avifauna. Close to Bhutanghat is alake called Narathari lake where one can see a plethora of birds, like trans Himalayan birds, goosanders, red stars, ibis bills, black stork, minivets, migratory common teal are found. It acts divine for devoted birdwatchers and lovers of photography. The birds that are found the most here are Lesser Whistling Duck.

Lesser Whistling Ducks at Narathali Lake


• The bank of Raidak river is refreshing. Although it is not advisable to go for a picnic there but you can always enjoy a light meal and enjoy the breeze.

• Birding in Narathali Lake is an attraction for the bird watchers.

Bhutanghat village: The village with a few houses and an amazing view.

• Forest bungalow built in 1904 close to Raidak river might be an excellent place to stay.

Chuniyabasti and Bhutiyabasti is on the way between Jayanti and Bhutanghat and hence it is advisable to visit both the watchtowers before reaching Bhutanghat from Jayanti.

Jayanti would always be an option. People naturally go to Bhutanghat from Jayanti in the morning and come back in the afternoon.


If you want to visit Bhutanghat then people prefer to stay at Jayanti or Hatipota forest bungalow


No doubt, it is rich for its wildlife and scenic beauty, it offers a panoramic view of nature. The proximity of Buxa Tiger Reserve to Bhutanghat is another reason for your visit. If you are in a mood for locating a picnic spot then Bhutanghat is the best place. You will be able to stay in the lap of nature. Most tourists have been bewitched with the mesmerizing beauty making Bhutanghat a best place to visit. It is also known for its vast avifauna and dense forest with the bonus of a serene river- Raidak. Bhutanghat is the birding paradise for the wildlife lovers and it is an adventurous place to visit if you are heading towards Dooars and Buxa Tiger Reserve

Bhutanghat hill sculpture
Bhutanghat hill sculpture

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