Dooars has some of the underrated gems for Trekking in India

Dooars with the best trekking of India

Does your daily mundane life break you inside? Does it exhaust you to chores? Are you seeking the heavenly glimpse of mountain tops? Then trekking can be your perfect offering of salvation for your soul and body. These locations suggested by Beyotee are some of the underrated gems to travel in a group or alone. We have specifically chosen Dooars because it is still an untouched area that might be one of the best routes for trekking in India.

Lepchakha Trek

Trekking to Lepchakha is a very adventurous journey. It takes three hours to complete the trek from Santalabari. The journey starts from Santalabari, a small village of Buxa Tiger Reserve, and it goes via zero point (Santalabari to Zero point is 2 Km) and Buxa fort (Santalabari to Buxa fort is 4-5 Km) to reach Lepchakha (Santalabari to Lepchakha is 7 Km). Most people take their car to Santalabari, but you can reserve a local vehicle from Santalabari to reach the Zero point, but you have to start trekking afterwards. The journey through the buxa tiger reserve and uphill through the Bhutan hills towards a village that is so beautiful makes it one of the best route for trekking in India.

View from Lepchakha village
View from Lepchakha village

Buxa Fort Trek

Buxa fort Trek route
Buxa fort Trek route

It is required for you to have a short trek from zero point or Santalabari to reach Buxa fort. Cars are available till Santalabari. You can go 2 Km further from Santalabari to the Zero point on a vehicle. But after that, you have to trek to reach Buxa fort. It is a 4 km trek, and it is beautiful and safer. The final destination is a village at the top of the hill. The village also features a fort which is almost 200 years old. Hence, when it comes to places for trekking in India with historical significance, this is one of them.

Mahakal Trek

Jayanti to Mahakal

After reaching Choto Mahakal from Jayanti by car (cost you around Rs.1500), the next step is trekking towards boro Mahakal from Choto Mahakal, which takes 2 hours to reach. The first half of the route requires you to follow the river and the second half is a very steep trail which makes it quite difficult for an average traveller to go there. The trek route is one of the most beautiful routes, and the presence of waterfalls makes it an ideal place to swim.

Lepchakha to Mahakal

This trek from Lepchakha to Mahakal Caves is a hidden gem of Dooars. This particular trek needs experience and patience. Roads are very steep. At first, the route goes through the forest and downhill from Lepchakha, which ends in the Delo river. The second stage of the trek requires you to walk through the river.

Delo river mixes with Jayanti river after a few hours of walk. This place is the nest of many waterfalls and fountains, making it ideal for travellers to take a bath here. After another few hours of walk through the woods leads to the gate of Boro Mahakal. It’s a 30-45 minutes uphill trek from the gate to Boro Mahakal. This route is extremely remote and untouched. Since this place is inside the Buxa Tiger Reserve, there is a danger of encountering wild animals. The entire trek from Lepchakha to Boro Mahakal and then to Jayanti will take 7-8 hours.

Route towards Boro Mahakal from Jayanti
Route towards Boro Mahakal from Jayanti
Route to Boro Mahakal from Lepchakha, Trekking in India
Route to Boro Mahakal from Lepchakha

Rupam Valley Trek

View from Rupam valley, trekking in India
View from Rupam valley

Located alongside the Bhutan border; One can reach Rupam Valley from Buxa through a trekking route of 17 km. One has to take the road from Santalabari to Buxa fort first, and then the guide will guide you towards Rupam Valley. Hills, forests and the beautiful valley are the main attractions of the area.

Ochlung Trek

A trekking route of 4.5 km from Lepchakha lies Ochlung. It is a place of the remarkable beauty of steep mountain slopes, birds and animals, and different plants.

Ochlung trek and view from its homestay, trekking in India
Ochlung trek and view from its homestay

Aadma Trek

Trekking route on Aadma trek from Ocholung
During Aadma trek

From Ocholung, the trek route towards Lal Bungalow further advances to Aadma. There is another route from Raimatang which leads to this place as well. There are plenty of homestays available here. You can choose to rest at night. Aadma belongs to Drukpa community. If you wish to experience these tribal cultures, you can enjoy visiting anytime to their place

Tashigaon Trek

The small and quaint village named Tashigaon is situated 6 km away from Lepchakha. The route is best for trekking. This less populated place is calm and serene. A few homestays are here for you to stay.

Tashigaon trekking route
Tashigaon trekking route

Rovers Point Trek

View from Rover's Point
View from Rover’s Point

Rovers Point lies on the top of Tashigaon inside Buxa Tiger Reserve. The entire region of mountains offers a breathtaking wide-ranging view. The gurgling sound of flowing rivers and the lush green forests beneath the hills can be an ultimate destination.

These trek routes of Buxa Tiger Reserve are absolutely untouched and equally exciting. The views are beautiful, the wildlife is thrilling and the culture of local people is very interesting which makes these treks some of the best trekking in India which is yet to be explored.

Rachela Trek

Located in the Kalimpong district of North Bengal, Rachela Trek (Neora Valley National Park) is another tourist attraction point. The place offers you a beautiful landscape full of varieties of flora and fauna. Vehicles can take you to the zero points about 13 km inside the forest; it’s a fantastic experience through the midst of the deep greenery. You can get the government-authorized guide at the forest entrance, who can take you for a trek through the woods. For the people of Bhutan, this is one of the best routes for trekking in India because it covers Phuntsholing, located at the Bhutan border.

Rachela trek route from Paren, trekking in India
Rachela trek route from Paren

Rishop Trek

Rishop Trek from Lava
Rishop Trekking route from Lava

Rishop is a beautiful quaint village free from daily life traffic, with a scenic landscape of snowy mountains. Lava is the nearest bus/ jeep stand. Rishyap is just 4 km uphill from Lava. The best option to reach Rishyap is trekking from Lava due to the roughness and uneven pavements of the road. The road goes through the dense forest and lofty mountains.

Rongo Trek

Situated under the Kalimpong subdivision and on the banks of the Jholung river, Rongo is a small village that is famous for its Cinchona plantation. Short jungle treks can reach Rongo through the mountains that lead to Jhalong and Gairibas. From Gairibas, one can trek an uphill road of 7 km to get to Paren. You can choose to visit the nearby monastery situated 1.5kms away from the primary market through trekking and savour the valley’s beauty.

Rongo village short trek
Rongo village short trekkings

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