Pokhri Hill (Pokhari/Pukri) and Pokhri Lake, Jayanti

Pokhri Hill Jayanti

Dooars always excites us with its lush green forests, sprawling tea gardens, several National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries, numerous mountain streams, and of course, the wonderful views of the Himalayas forming the backdrop. Apart from these the amazing jeep safaris, elephant safaris, birdwatching add to the tourist excitements. Dooars is very famous for its rich biodiversity, forests, wildlife, ethnic people, and culture. There are enormous breathtaking places (both hill stations and forests), Pokhri Hill is one of them. 

Pokhri Hill meaning: Pokhari or the Pukhri hill means in Nepali a hanging pond on the hill.


How to reach Pokhri Hill:

The place is just 4 km away from Jayanti. 2 km journey can be made by jeeps provided by the forest department but after that there is an easy trek of 2 Km. It falls in the third tourist circuit in Dooars. it takes almost two hours from Tilabari, Lataguri, or Gorumara National Park to Pokhri Lake in Jayanti. From Jayanti, one has to trek the distance through the forested hills and previously used roads. From Jaldapara Pokhri is almost a 1 or 1.5 hours drive. It’s a breathtaking experience to trek amidst the natural beauty, to feel the serenity of the forest, to know the history of Pokhri, and so on.

Ecosystem of Jayanti
Ecosystem of Jayanti

Pokhri lake’s religious side:  

Fishes are being fed at Pokhri lake
Fishes are being fed at Pokhri lake

Apart from the hills, there is a lake or small pond in the lap of the hills, known as Pokhri Lake. The local people consider Pokhri Lake as a holy and sacred place. They don’t even touch the lake water with their feet. There are so many stories about this place; the local people have huge faith in the Goddess Pokhri. On every Buddha Purnima, they go to the place and worship the Pokhri, which also causes a huge crowd of tourists at that time.

Eco-system of Pokhri lake:

People who come a visit Jayanti, generally don’t miss the chance to visit the place. Surrounded by green forested areas, vibrant with the sweet chirpings of unknown birds and unimaginable music of the trees leaves flowing; Pokhri is an astounding place to gather enormous tourists across the year. The surroundings of Pokhri Lake are extremely soothing with its refreshing effect. The lake is full of big-sized Catfish (Magur and Singi) and Turtle, which are considered another reason to attract the tourists, they love to feed the fishes with puffed rice. 

Catfishes of Pokhri lake
Catfishes of Pokhri lake

Nearby places of Pokhri Hill:

After visiting Pokhri, the travelers can hire a car and go around all the nearby places of interest, like Buxa Fort, Mahakal temple, and cave. Juneli is a small stream that is parted from the Bala river. This place is surrounded by forests from both sides which is also a resting place for the trekkers.

After visiting Jayanti and Pokhri hill, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the adjacent places like Chilapata, Rajabhatkhawa, Raimatang, Santalabari from here. 

Wildlife at Pokhri Hill:

This place is a nice habitat for leopards, mongooses, jungle cats, and elephants. The Pokhri Lake is indeed a nice habitant for tortoises and fishes. Jayanti along with Juneli and Pokhri hills are perfect places for bird watchers and adventurers. Varieties of colorful birds on your way like Himalayan Myna, barbet, woodpecker, hornbill, sultan tit, Himalayan bulbul, Indian roller, never disappoint you.

On the top of Pokhri Hil
On the top of Pokhri Hill

There are many ways to reach the place. The best way to visit the place is by trains like Saraighat express, Teesta Torsa express, and Kanchankanya express. New Alipurduar is the closest Rly station, Jayanti is just 30 km from the station. Bagdogra is the closest airport to Jayanti. By road, Jayanti is just 32 km from Aliurduar.

you can take an auto-rickshaw from Alipurduar to easily get to Rajabhatkhawa (in about 15 minutes) or Jayanti which is not more than 15kms away. Buses also ply between Alipuduar and Jayanti market and you can get off at Rajabhatkhawa if you want.  It takes Rs.250 for the entry fee with vehicle and driver and rs.50 for each traveler. Safari permits are also issued and guides are available at the Jayanti range office. 

Best Time to visit Pokhri:

The best time to visit Jayanti and Pokhri hill is from June to September, Buxa Tiger Reserve remains closed from June 15th to September 15th due to heavy downpours.

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