Places and resorts near Murti River and how to reach

Places beside Murti River to stay

Murti river is situated in the forests of the Dooars region. The river is flowing down from the Neora Valley National Park is famous for its scenic beauty and so there are a lot of Resorts near Murti river. The mesmerizing beauty of this place attracts a lot of tourists. The flowing stream of the Murti river with green forests on its banks makes it a paradise for lovers of nature.


Rocky Island is a small village of Samsing, situated on the banks of river Murti. This place is famous for its camping sites. Rocky Island adventure camp is one of the attractions here. They provide both tent and homestay facilities. Apart from that, Other resorts and homestays such as Green valley, Amartan, Hariyali, Cascade camp are also available. The resorts have facilities that offers tourists tents to stay overnight at the river bank and enjoy the beauty of the region. This place is best for adventure-loving travelers.

The best time to visit this place is from October to December. Bagdogra International airport at the distance of 91km is the nearest airport and New Mal Jn at the distance of 51km is the closest railway station.

The view of rocky island from the bridge, Resorts near Murti river
The view of rocky island from the bridge


Panjhora wilderness camp resort near Murti river
Panjhora wilderness camp near Murti river

Panjhora is a serene forest situated adjoining the Chapramari Wildlife sanctuary. Chapramari wilderness camp of Panjhora is a Government Bungalow is located in the periphery of Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Chapramari wildlife sanctuary is close to the Gorumara National Park. To book your resort, You have to click here and go through the process. The rooms here will cost 2 people around Rs.3500 including food, entry permit, watchtower permit and tribal dance.

Chapramari is known for its elephant population. Rhinoceros, deer, bears, and leopards are also found here. Chapramari and Gorumara forest is divided by the river Murti. This camp is famous for its amazing location and great service. Bird watching one of the famous activities of Chapramari. Tourists can also witness wildlife. Bagdogra International Airport at the distance of 188km is the closest airport and New Mal Jn railway station at the distance of km 15 km is the closest railway station to Panijhora.


Murti is naturally gifted to be a tourist attraction and hence there are plenty of resorts in here. Government Resorts include Murti WBFDC Banani Resort and Murti tourism property by WBTDCL (Earlier known as Murti Tourist lodge.. This forest lodge is built by West Bengal. This lodge with its great service and serene beauty has become one of the favorite places among tourists. Apart from that Murti also has resorts like Trimuri, Prime Murti, Murti River Lodge etc. Murti is a meandering river known for its serene beauty and tranquil atmosphere.

The lofty mountains, serene forest, and meandering river made it a paradise for nature lovers. The banks of the river Murti is a famous picnic spot.  Gorumara National park is 14km away from Murti tourist Lodge so tourists can enjoy Jungle Safari.

Bagdogra International Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 81km and New Mal Jn is the nearest railway station at a distance of 17 km. The best time to visit this place is between October to March.

Murti River bridge
Murti River Bridge


Dhupjhora Elephant camp
Dhupjhora Elephant camp
Dhupjhora elephant camp treehouse

Dhupjhora is a quaint village of Dooars region situated on the bank of river Murti at the South Gorumara range. This place has become one of the favorite places for tourists with its serene beauty and tranquil atmosphere. The unique location of Dhupjhora is known as an elephant park because of the elephant stable of Gorumara where you can feed and bathe elephants.

Dhupjhora Elephant camp is one of the resorts near Murti river that offers tree house accommodation. It is the only forest that offers a treehouse. You can also enjoy the sunset On the bank of river Murti with its serene ambiance. This is the best place for the ones who love nature and wildlife.

Mid-July to mid-September is the best time to visit this place. They have 6 cottages and 1 treehouse. The rooms will cost you around 1000- 4000. Elephant safari is available from this place that will cost you around Rs. 1000 per person. Bagdogra airport at a distance of 79 km is the nearest airport and New Jalpaiguri railway station at a distance of 61km is the closest railway station of Dhupojhura.


Ramsai Rhino Camp is one of the preferred resorts of Gorumara and it is also known as Gorumara Rhino Camp. This Government resort is located close to Kalipur and has 4 cottages that cost around 1-day Rs.3900 for 2 persons, including 3-time food and Jungle Safari. The unique location of Ramsai attracts a lot of wildlife lover tourists.

Kalipur Eco-village is also nearby and it has 4 cottages surrounded by tea gardens, Gorumara forest and Murti River

Jungle Safari is one of the famous activities of here. Medla watchtower stays open throughout the year. One of the main attraction is the Buffalo cart ride towards Medla watch tower.

Elephant Safari is a famous activity in Gorumara which you can enjoy from Ramsai. You can spot a wide variety of wildlife species during your Safari-like one-horned Rhino, Bison, Leopard, Rock Python, Malayalam Giant squirrel, and deer.

Bagdogra International Airport at a distance of 78km is the closest airport and New Mal jn at a distance of 40 km is the closest railway station of Ramsai. The best time to visit is from mid-July to mid-September.

Kalipur Eco village
Kalipur Eco village
Ramsai rhino camp, Resorts near Murti river
Ramsai rhino camp

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