Picnic Spots in Dooars and North Bengal

Best Picnic spots in Dooars

Picnic is something, which is full of excitement and favorite to all, starting from nine to ninety. It is one of the best activities to extract pleasure and enjoyment in leisure time. It is obviously an escape to the tranquil nature of the regular monotonous life of worldly chaos. Picnic is always very refreshing and with family and friends, it obviously adds more fun and excitement. If you want to refresh yourself, coming out of the regular mundane schedule, there are so many picnic spots in Dooars, in the lap of nature waiting for you. Here are some of them for you. 

Chilapata Forest: 

Chilapata is a dense forest near Jaldapara National Park that is situated in the lap of Dooars and it is 20km apart from Alipurduar, the nearest town. The scenic beauty of Chilapata gives you a break from your everyday life.  The unique location of Chlapata is the most important migration corridor of the Dooars region. Chilapata forest is blessed with rich biodiversity that makes it a forthcoming eco-tourism spot of doors. The dense forest of Chilapata offers you a genuine flavor of wildlife in the wilderness. Enriched with flora and fauna Chilapata forest features the scenic beauty of nature. It is just 39 km away from Alipurduar Jn, 35 km from Rajabhatkhawa, 33 km from New Coachbehar, and 93 km from New Mal. In the midst of the dense forests, people can enjoy their most desired tranquility ever. Jungle Safari is the most attractive part of Chilapata. You can experience wilderness in the dense forest of Chilapata. The jungle safari also allows you to witness the historical ruins of the fort, built-in Gupta Era during the fifteenth century. Another beautiful point is Mendabari Watchtower located in the vicinity of the riverbank of Kunai. The watchtower offers you the scenic beauty of the river Kunai flowing through Chilapata. There is an entry fee to enter the forest. Both Buxa and Jaldapara forests are very close to this place, which you can enjoy at a time.

Chilapata wild cottage beside torsa river is a perfect picnic spot
Chilapata wild cottage beside torsa river is a perfect picnic spot

Laliguras Picnic Spot:

Laliguras picnic spot beside Murti River
Laliguras picnic spot beside Murti River

Laliguras is one of the exotic picnic spots in Dooars located in the Samsing Khasmahal, in the Malbazar sub-division of West Bengal. The place is situated on the bank of River Murti. It provides you with a breathtaking view of green vegetation and mountain valleys. Therefore, very naturally it has become one of the most attractive picnic spots. Laliguras is very close to Rockey Island and Suntaley Khola, the two prominent picnic spots. It is enclosed by tea gardens, forests, hills, and valleys. The Murti River is an amazing site for tourists to have a picnic here. It takes just 28 minutes to reach the spot from Mal Bazar Bus Terminus. It is 16 km away from Chalsa, you can hire a car to visit the spot.


Kumai picnic spot:

Kumai is a newly discovered tourist place around the Dooars region, close to Chapramari, Gorumara, Gorubathan, Jhalong, Bindu, Lava, and Lolegaon. To reach Kumai, you need to reach Kunia from Malbazar after Chalsa through Chapramari forest and NH-31. There are many beautiful places for sightseeing, like Laliguras picnic spot in Dooars, organic picnic spot, etc, which have made the place a very attractive picnic spot. Kumai peak, Gudaray viewpoint, a Buddhist stupa, and trekking and fishing are the things that attract the tourists to the crowd here. 

Kumai Picnic spot beside Murti River
Kumai Picnic spot beside Murti River

Murti Picnic spot:

Murti picnic spot
Murti Picnic Spot

Murti is another major tourist area on the bank of river Murti. The place is just 60 km away from Jalpaiguri at the foothill of Himalayas Murti, which provides you with exotic scenery of the adjacent forest area. The crystal clear water of Murti, dense forest and wild animals have made the place one of the very popular picnic spots in Dooars. Lush green forest and the serene environment give you the most peaceful relaxation and refresh you. The riverbed gets crowded with people mainly in winter, who come here to enjoy a picnic with family and friends. Murti is very close to New Mal, Rajabhatkhawa and Alipurduar, you can reach here by car. Murti can also be reached by car from Siliguri or New Jalpaiguri. 

Ramsai Picnic Spot:

Ramsai is a forest village located at a distance of 72 km from Siliguri on the Eastern side of Gorumara National Park. The serene ambiance and scenic beauty have made the place a popular picnic spot as well. The view of the meandering river amidst the thick forest is something that soothes you from within. The Medla watchtower provides you with a panoramic vista of river Jaldhaka flowing through the green forest, the butterfly park near Ramsai Rhino camp with enormous colorful butterflies is another place of attraction for the tourists. Panbari is another picnic spot 3 km from Ramsai. It is a place where three major rivers Murti, Jaldhaka, and Diana have confluence. By hiring a car travelers can easily reach the place from Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, New Mal, and adjacent places. 

Ramsai rhino camp picnic spot
Ramsai rhino camp picnic spot

Raimatang Picnic spot:

Raimatang Picnic Spot
Raimatang Picnic Spot

In the middle of the lush green forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve Raimatang is a small blessed forest 45km away from Alipurduar district. Away from the town and its chaos, the place is located by the side of the meandering Raimatang River inside the Buxa Forest, the sight of which amazes the tourists over and over again. It is one of the best places of Dooars for nature lovers where they find Mother Nature in its pristine form; wildlife and the panoramic view of the place attract lots of tourists across the country every year.  Safari is a nice option for the tourists, which can change a lot of wildlife experience on the way. The watchtower inside the forest is another point of attraction for the tourists which offers a great view of the riverbed as well as the forested area, birds, and wild animals. The vast exotic riverbed of the Raimatang river is a very ideal place to stroll around, to do a picnic, and enjoy the solitude of the place.  To reach Raimatang, traveling by road is the most amazing option for the nature-maniacs. You can have a bus from Jalpaiguri to Kalchini, and a private car is available there which takes you to Raimatang.

Kunjanagar Picnic Spot:

Kunjanagar is a small village located 8km from Falakata in the Alipurduar district. It is an important tourist spot in the Dooars region. The scenic beauty and the tranquil environment of the place attract a lot of tourists. There is an amusement park called Kunjanagar Eco-park. Tourists can spot wild animals like deer, elephants, and if you are lucky enough you can also spot a leopard here. The park also offers the tourists to enjoy boating in a tranquil environment, Also there is a suspension bridge, a center for wildlife rescue, and a watchtower, which altogether made the place one of the famous picnic spots in Dooars as well. You can have a jungle safari, which needs Rs. 1000 as entry fee only Rs. 25 as eco-park ticket.  Plenty of cars are available from Falakata to reach Kunjanagar. The cars will cost you around. Cars are also available from Alipurduar and Coochbehar. Kunjanagar is just 42 km away from Alipurduar and 49 km from New Coochbehar. 

Kunjanagar River Bridge
Kunjanagar river Bridge

Jhalong Picnic Spot:

Jhalong Picnic spot
Jhalong Picnic spot

Jhalong is a small village on the banks of the Jaldhaka River. It is situated on the Indo-Bhutan border and lies under Gorubathan CD block in the Kalimpong district. The name “Jhalong” comes from Bhutan and is actually spelled Jholung or Jholong. The place is beautiful with green serene Bhutan hills around and the Jaldhaka river flowing over the rocky river bed. The sound of the water flowing over the rocks and birds singing in the thickly covered forests create a soothing rejuvenating peaceful ambiance. You can sit on the banks for hours enjoying the scenic beauty and rustling of leaves with the breeze while breathing the fresh cool air. Plenty of cars are available from both Siliguri and Alipurduar to reach Jhalong. The journey is amazing with the roads going through forests, mountains, tea gardens, villages, and elephant corridors. 

Raidak River:

Surrounded by lush green forest, Raidak is one of the oldest tourist cum picnic spots of North Bengal. The Raidak forest is one of the most important elephant corridors of the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Situated very close to the Alipurduar district, the journey to Raidak forest is worth remembering. Tourists can have a pleasurable walk in the nearby tea garden along with listening to the alluring birds’ chirpings. You can easily hire a car from Alipurduar to reach the spot. 

Raidak Picnic Spot in Dooars
Raidak Picnic spot

Phaskhawa Picnic Spot:

Phaskhawa Picnic spot in Dooars
Phaskhawa picnic Spot

The peaceful location of the place with easy access to Buxa Tiger Reserve and Coachbehar make this place an important picnic spot for nature lovers. The place provides several scopes for explorations the jungle safari into the Buxa Tiger Reserve is a point of attraction to the tourists. The picnic day out to Raidak and Jayanti river apart from the tea garden visit keeps you engaged throughout the day.

Rasikbil Picnic Spot:

Rasikbil bird sanctuary, located in Coachbehar offers to see a variety of birds such as Common Teal, White-eyed Pochard, etc. The hanging bridge over the lake is also stunning and attractive. It is of courseone of the very popular picnic spots in Dooars which also includes a crocodile Rehabilitation center. From Rasikbil watchtower one can enjoy a complete panoramic view of the place. one can reach here by taxi and bus from Siliguri and Jalpaiguri. 

Rasikbil picnic spot in Dooars
Rasikbil picnic spot

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