Camping in Dooars : Best places to visit for camping

Camping in Dooars

Dooars always excites us with its green forests, sprawling tea gardens, National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries, numerous mountain streams, and of course, the beautiful views of the Himalayas forming the backdrop. Dooars is very famous for its rich biodiversity in both hill stations and forests. Hence, Camping in Dooars has become a new trend among the youngsters. There are so many camping sites in Lataguri, Rocky Island, Suntalekhola, Lepchakha, Jayanti.

Neora Jungle Camp, Lataguri

Lataguri is situated outside the Gorumara National Park on NH-31 under the Jalpaiguri district. It is a small village located in the Dooars region of the Himalayan foothills. This spot is one of the most attractive places in Dooars, which causes a massive tourist crowd every year to do camping in Dooars and other activities. Among the places of interest,

Neora Jungle Camp is located inside Gorumara forest falls under the regulations of WBSFDA. The resort is adjacent to Lataguri forest and the Neora river. Neora Jungle camp provides one of the best locations for wildlife sightseeing due to its location inside the dense forest. You have to book cottages and also accommodations from the website of WBSFDA. Neora riverside is also famous for camping. A sky full of stars, the river’s ripples, and the twittering of various native and foreign birds can be the therapy to forget the rat race of daily life.

The best way to reach Lataguri is to get down at New Mal Jn and book a cab from the railway station. Fees are below Rs.1000, and it takes less than 1 hour to reach Lataguri from Malbajar.

Neora Valley Jungle Camp form outside
Neora Valley Jungle Camp form outside
The interior of Neora Valley Jungle Camp
The interior of Neora Valley Jungle Camp

Rocky Island Adventure Camp

Rocky Island Adventure Camp
Rocky Island Adventure Camp

Rocky Island is a small village of Samsing, situated on the banks of river Murti. This place is famous for its campsites. The campsites of the Rocky islands allow you to explore Neora Valley National Sanctuary. This place is best for adventure-loving travellers.

Rocky Island Adventure camp faces on the banks of river Murti. The resort has a facility that offers tourists tents to stay overnight at the river bank and enjoy this region’s beauty.

The best time to visit this place is from October to December.
At a distance of 91 km, Bagdogra International airport is the nearest airport, and New Mal Jn is the closest railway station at a distance of 28 km. The rooms will cost you around Rs.1800.

Suntalekhola River Camp

The Gate of Suntalekhola River Camp  for Camping in Dooars
The Gate of Suntalekhola River Camp
Suntalekhola River camp beside the river
Suntalekhola River camp beside the river

Suntalekhola has created an ideal gateway address encircled by an alpine forest. It is an offbeat destination of Dooars surrounded by the Himalayan foothills of West Bengal.

Suntalekhola River Camp provides the feeling of comfort and placidity at a time. Four Well maintained tents are there for camping in the Suntalekhola river camp. Visitors would love to enjoy the lush green forest and absorb the scenic beauty of mother earth then tent camping is best to stay. Attached bathrooms with all comfort of electricity and also food as per as requirement are available. Visitors have to make reservations in advance at the forest department office or from the WBFDC website

The nearest railway station is the New Mal junction at a distance of 20 km. After reaching the station, the most convenient way is to hire a taxi or car to get to the Suntalekhola river camp. The nearest airport is Bagdogra airport.

Jayanti River Camp

Located on the borders of Buxa Forest is an adventive forest village along the river Jayanti. Jayanti establishes a natural border with the Bhutan hills, the hills on the East Side of the river known as Jayanti Hills and the village is called Jayanti.

The campsites of Jayanti grant you to explore offbeat destination preferred as an unquestionably breath-taking eco-tourism. This place is a haven for adventure-loving travellers. Once every year during December, the Nandadevi foundation and Nature Club of Alipurduar conduct a camping event for five days on the Jayanti riverbed.

Tourists can also set up tents on the riverbed if they have the permission of the forest department. Jayanti can be very risky due to the wildlife, and one should take proper security but if you want to experience camping in Dooars then Jayanti is the place to be.
The nearest railway junction is Alipurduar (30kms). The nearest airport is Bagdogra in Siliguri (195kms).

Jayanti River Camp by Nandadevi foundation
Jayanti forest Camp by Nandadevi foundation
Camping in Dooars at Jayanti River Camp by Nature club Alipurduar
Jayanti River Camp by Nature club Alipurduar

Lepchakha Jungle Camp

Tents at Lepchakha homestay
Tents at Lepchakha homestay
Camping in Dooars at Lepchakha Jungle Camp
Lepchakha Jungle Camp
Camping in Dooars at  Lepchakha Homestay camps
Lepchakha Homestay camps

Lepchakha is a small but beautiful Indo-Bhutan village. This comely Lepchakha village is in southern hill area near the border of Bhutan and a Buxa tiger reserve hilltop location.

Camping, hiking and trekking at Lepchakha is a very adventurous experience. It takes two to three hours to complete the trek from Santalabari. The journey starts from Santalabari, a small village of Buxa Tiger Reserve, and it goes via zero point (Santalabari to Zero point is 2 Km) and Buxa fort (Santalabari to Buxa fort is 4-5 Km) to reach Lepchakha (Santalabari to Lepchakha is 7 Km). Most people take their car to Santalabari, but you can reserve a local vehicle from Santalabari to reach the Zero point, but you have to start trekking afterwards. However, the trail is not that steep, and an average person can go quickly. 

The sight of the entire Buxa Tiger reserve from the cliff of Lepchakha viewpoint is terrific. Locals have built plenty of homestays here. Pamsha, Lepchakha adventure camp, and Heaven of Dooars are the most popular homestay among tourists that provide Camping facilities. It takes Rs.1200 for two people, including Barbeque, to stay in those tents. 

The best time to visit this place would be between October to March. In that time, the sky remains clear, the trekking path is safer and less slippery, and the fantastic panoramic view of Buxa Tiger Reserve is clear from the Lepchakha viewpoint.

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