Sandakphu trek on Low Budget: 4 Nights 5 Days under Rs.4000

Kanchenjunga from Sandakphu


In May 2018, we (4 of my friends and I) had our first trek to Sandakphu. We did not have jobs back then; hence we planned the Sandakphu trek on low budget. The journey started from Alipurduar, took a train to Siliguri. From Siliguri, we took a cab to reach Manebhanjan. The next day we started the trek from Manebhanjan. We went through Tamling, Tonglu, Mekhma, Joubari to get Gairibas and spent the night there. The next day we started again and went through Kalipokhri and Bikaybhanjan to reach the highest peak of West Bengal, Sandakphu.

The trail between Sandakphu and Gurdum
The trail between Sandakphu and Gurdum

Day 1: Manebhanjan

Celebrating Milestones near Sandakphu, during Sandakphu trek on low budget
Celebrating Milestones near Sandakphu

As we talked about the Sandakphu trek on a low budget, You will be shocked to hear that we had spent only Rs. 3500 per head for a 4-night, 5-day trip here. The train fare from Alipurduar to Siliguri was Rs.75. Then from Siliguri Jn Railway station that dropped us at Ghoom (Rs. 100). From Ghoom, We took another public cab that took us to Manebhanjan (Rs.100). We spent the night at Manebhanjan. It was a dormitory that cost us Rs.200 each. The food was a little expensive here hence I ate 2 Sandwiches and 2 Waiwai noodles for lunch and dinner (Rs.200).

Day 2: Gairibas

The next day the trek started. We had to take a guide that took Rs.1000 per day, Rs.200 per head for us (Since we were five people). We spent the 2nd night at Gairibas Homestay (Rs. 200 each). I ate a Sandwich (Rs.60) in the morning at Manebhanjan, ate Noodles (Rs.40) at lunch at Gairibas, but for dinner I had a meal with Rice, Dal, Sabji and chicken (Rs. 250).

The amazing trail of Sandakphu, during our Sandakphu trek on low budget
The amazing trail of Sandakphu

Day 3: Sandakphu

Scary route between Kalpokhari and Sandakphu
Scary route between Kalpokhari and Sandakphu

The next day we had tea and snacks (Rs.30) and started for Sandakphu. We had Noodles again at Kalipokhri (Rs.40). We had a lot of snacks in our bag that provided the energy to keep going. We reached Sandakphu in the afternoon, where we had an excellent Bengali meal at lunch (Rs.250) and noodles at dinner (Rs.50). The Sandakphu dormitory charged us Rs.200 per head.

Day 4: Srikhola

The next day we had tea and snacks in the morning and started trekking towards Srikhola. On our way, we had a Bengali (Rs.200) meal as lunch at Gurdum. We reached Srikhola in the evening. We had some snacks there in the evening and had an excellent royal dinner (Rs.200). The homestay at Srikhola cost us Rs. 250 each.

The amazing route between Sandakphu and Gurdum
The amazing route between Sandakphu and Gurdum

Day 5: Siliguri and return

Tired souls near Srikhola during Sandakphu trek on low budget
Tired souls near Srikhola

On the last day, we took public transport from Srikhola and had a 6 hours journey to reach Siliguri, which took Rs.300 per head. We stopped at a place on our way to Siliguri and had Coffee and Momo (Rs.50). I know that this is a weird combination but get on with it. We had biriyani as lunch at Siliguri (Rs.120) and went home on an AC bus. Now, on our way home, we had peanuts, but most of it fell on the seat than inside our mouth, so I am not going to count it.

Now if you count the entire expenditure. it is only Rs. 3515. That’s Sandakphu trek on a low budget for you guys. Therefore, even for a remote place like this where food is costly, it is easily manageable to spend less and have fun simultaneously. Now, since we are talking about having fun, let’s talk about the most exciting part of the blog. Here is something that even the mighty Google will not tell you about Sandakphu. And here we go…

Just kidding. We were just a bunch of Beyotee Idiots enjoying a trek to Sandakphu. If you want to enjoy a carefree outing with a bunch of Idiots of your choice, then plan a trip with Beyotee and unleash.

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