নেপালীদের "দেউশি" উৎসব

ডুয়ার্স তথা পাহাড়ের ঐতিহ্যবাহি সংস্কৃতি নেপালীদের “দেউশি” উৎসব…

“দেউশি” উৎসবটি নেপাল, সিকিম, পশ্চিম বংগের পাহাড় ও ডুয়ার্সে পালিত করা হয় নেপালী ভাইটিকার দিনে। শব্দটি এসেছে মুলত “দেউশিরা” থেকে।

Banyan Tree Resort Lataguri, Gorumara Resort

Banyan tree resort stands in Lataguri, surrounded by the lush green forest. All the rooms of the resort are well lit and well decorated. They offer spacious rooms with attached bathrooms. The resort also has the facility of wifi, room service, and laundry service.

Tusker Den Forest Resort

Tusker Den Resort Gorumara, Lataguri Resort

Tusker Den forest resort is just a kilometre away from the Murti River. The rooms of the resort are well lit and ventilated. All the rooms of the resort offer spacious rooms with attached bathrooms. This resort had an organic vegetable farm with a variety of fruits and teak plants.

Camping de dooars


Camping De Dooars is one of the pocket-friendly resorts in lataguri. Travellers who visit with their family and want to spend quality time in an open area can come to this resort. All rooms of the resort offer attached bathrooms. The food of the resort is very delicious.

Chilapata bania river view


Chilapata Bania Riverview resort faces Bania River and is very close to the Chakokheti Forest gate and Kaljani river in Chilapata. It is a very reasonable option for travellers searching for an affordable option in the Chilapata area. It has its own in house restaurant to serve you the best breakfast, lunch and dinner.