Spandan Bhowmik

Jaldapara Wild Hut

Jaldapara Wild Hut, Madhya Madarihat, Jaldapara

Jaldapara Wild Hut is one of the most popular resorts in Jaldapara. It is situated just within 500m of the Jaldapara Gate which makes it easy for you to reach the national park. It is a family-friendly resort ideal for occasions like Holi or Diwali.

Banante Resort

Banante Resort, Jayanti, Buxa Tiger Reserve

Banante resort is one of the oldest resorts in Jayanti. It is situated on the banks of the Jayanti River in the beautiful village of Jayanti. We rank it number 2 in Jayanti because of its location, food, and service. They used to be the only source of food till 2015.

Rongo River Valley Homestay

Rongo River Valley Homestay, Rongo, Jhalong

The resort is situated just beside the stream of Jholung and surrounded by the beautiful Rongo forest and mountains. Now, Rongo is already an offbeat place with only 500 people in the village. But this homestay is situated in an even more serene pocket of the mountain.

Fairy Bluebird Homestay, Jayanti, Buxa Tiger Reserve

Although Fairy bluebird resort doesn’t have a google map location as of yet but it’s not very difficult to find. You have to take the road that passes by the Jayanti High School and goes up to Jayanti River Dam, and just beside Banante Resort, You will find the beautiful, small and private Fairy bluebird homestay.

Gachbari Resort Jaldapara

Gachbari Resort Jaldapara

Imagine living in a cottage away from the chaos of the township, surrounded by tea gardens and the dense forest of Jaldapara and beside a clean water flow. That’s Gachbari resort for you.