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Chilapata bania river view


Chilapata Bania Riverview resort faces Bania River and is very close to the Chakokheti Forest gate and Kaljani river in Chilapata. It is a very reasonable option for travellers searching for an affordable option in the Chilapata area. It has its own in house restaurant to serve you the best breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Nal Rajar Garh or Nalgarh or Mendabari Fort

Nalgarh Fort: History, Structure, Myth, Chilapata Forest

This structure of historical prominence is nothing but the famous Old Fort of Nal king, mostly known as ‘Nalgarh’. This famous ancient monument is located in the deeply forested area of Chilapata, which is renowned as an elephant corridor between the Buxa Tiger Reserve and Jaldapara

Rhino Resort Jaldapara

Rhino Resort Jaldapara, Dooars Resort

Rhino Resort, Jaldapara is the most preferred one amongst tourists due to its fantastic location in the middle of green and dense forests. The resort offers you breathtaking views of the surroundings along with its amazing accommodation and hospitality. The staff of the resort are very courteous and prompt at providing any assistance.

Bamboo Resort Chilapata

Bamboo Village Resort, Chilapata

Bamboo village is a complete jungle Eco-village resort in Chilapata forest. It’s a perfect homestay for friends and families, offering you a high standard of hospitality with facilities of excellent accommodation and numerous opportunities of indulging in several wildlife activities. The staff of the resort are very courteous and prompt at providing any assistance.

Green Island Resort, Jhalong

Green Island Resort, Jhalong

Green island resort is the perfect destination for tourists away from the chaotic world. The resort is spread over a large area with a flower garden, several cottages, and a building. With enthralling views of the mountains and river Jaldhaka in front of the resort, this place is undoubtedly a superb staying option.

Sinclairs Resort Chalsa

Sinclairs resort Chalsa, Dooars

Sinclairs resort Chalsa, Dooars located at Chalsa Hilltop, occupies over 20 acres of verdant green. This resort is ideal for tourists who seek solitude coming out from their busy schedules. The place is highly rejuvenating and adventurous at a time. The USP of the resort is to “come and live with nature”.

Chilapata homestay

Orchid Homestay Chilapata, Dooars

Orchid Chilapata Homestay is a very spacious place to spend few days in the lap of nature. There are three wooden cottages, concreted from the outside and nicely decorated with wooden stuff from the inside. The cottages are in a very airy and open place in front of the vast field.

Ramsai Rhino Camp Gorumara

Ramsai Rhino Camp, Gorumara, Lataguri Government Resort

Ramsai Rhino Camp is in the Kalamati Village, Ramsai, 7 km away in the core area of the dense forest from Lataguri. The entire Gorumara forest range is visible from here, which gives you an enthralling experience as a whole. You can see wildlife, especially wild elephants, varieties of birds, bison, and so many other wild animals.