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A one stop destination for an amazing trip to Dooars, North Bengal.

Travelling is fun but planning can be chaotic. 

Beyotee simplifies it by listing down everything you need to know about the place you are visiting. You can browse through the pictures and the information about the place here. You can also look at the various resorts & homestays available and book them. Beyotee provides you with trained, experienced tour guides and drivers too. Beyotee promises to fulfil the desires of every traveler and makes your trips  beautiful, refreshing, and worthwhile.

Our Vision

To be the best and the most affordable travel solutions platform for trips to Dooars, North Bengal, which will keep bringing travelers back to us.

Our Mission

To bring people closer to various regions of Dooars and give them a wholesome experience on their trips by providing them holistic information on their every travel needs.

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"Dooars comes up in new appearances in every visit, sometimes thrilling & sometimes dark."

"Dooars is India's one of the most underrated places and I want it to be a national attraction."

"Travelling to Dooars is like freeing my soul. Good music, good food & a good view is all I need!"

"Each weekend trip to Dooars is an adventure & enough to calm my mind and bring peace."

Birat Bose

Spandan Bhowmik

Adwiti Padhy
Brand Manager

Deyali Das
Brand Manager

"Travelling to Dooars helps me to explore the hidden mysteries of nature and be in proximity with nature."

"I love the mountains, I live in the mountains. Because this is Dooars."

"I am someone who loves greenery and for that Dooars is the best place to be."

"When I travel to Dooars, every moment of every day I do something I’ve never done before, and that’s why I like to move."

Sanchari Chatterjee
Content Manager

Hrid Bhowmik
Digital Strategist

Pranjal Bhowmik
Graphic Designer

Bidesh Bose
Sales Manager

"Compact Natural beauty of hills, forests and streams is the most lovable thing about Dooars."

"The dense forest of Dooars has a genuine flavor of wilderness and reconnects me with nature again."

"In these busy times, Dooars is the perfect place to be healed in the lap of nature."

"I love Dooars as it has the complete package of mountains, hills, forests, and nature."

Manjistha De
Content Writer

Rumela De Sarkar
Content Writer

Namrota Ghosh Chowdhury
Content Writer

Ashima Rahaman
Content Writer