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Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger reserve is one of the most popular places of North Bengal. It is located in the northeastern corner of West Bengal. Earlier it was known for dolomite mining.

In the wild of Chilapata


Chilapata is a dense forest near Jaldapara National Park that is  situated in the lap of Dooars and it is 20 km apart from Alipurduar which is the nearest town.


Lataguri is situated outside Gorumara National Park on NH-31 under Jalpaiguri district. It is basically a small village located in the Dooars region of the Himalayan foothills.


Jaldapara is a unique place of Dooars situated in the foothills of Eastern Himalaya, in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. The natural beauty, cultural heritage and wildlife of the place have made it popular.

Changey falls at Neora Valley Forest

Neora Valley National Park

Rustic roads, solitary ambiance, fast-flowing rivers, foothills, variety of flora and fauna and thick green forest all around, that’s Dooars for all of you. Even the charming lush tea gardens and amazing wildlife are equally heart-capturing.

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Hotel, Resorts and Homestays of Dooars

  • Banyan Tree Resort Lataguri, Gorumara Resort
    Banyan tree resort stands in Lataguri, surrounded by the lush green forest. All the rooms of the resort are well lit and well decorated. They offer spacious rooms with attached bathrooms. The resort also has the facility of wifi, room service, and laundry service.
  • The Reserve Gorumara, Lataguri Resort, Dooars
    The Reserve Gorumara presents you with four types of room with a total number of comfort and a touch of luxury – Budget Double Room, Deluxe Room and Club Room. Rooms are clean and spacious with a view of the garden.
  • Tusker Den Resort Gorumara, Lataguri Resort
    Tusker Den forest resort is just a kilometre away from the Murti River. The rooms of the resort are well lit and ventilated. All the rooms of the resort offer spacious rooms with attached bathrooms. This resort had an organic vegetable farm with a variety of fruits and teak plants.
  • Aranya Mahal Raimatang, Buxa Tiger Reserve (West)
    Far from the maddening crowd, in the jungle of Raimatang, is Aranya Mahal. Located within the Buxa Tiger Reserve, Aranya Mahal is ideal for trekkers, wildlife lovers, forest lovers, and birdwatchers.
    Camping De Dooars is one of the pocket-friendly resorts in lataguri. Travellers who visit with their family and want to spend quality time in an open area can come to this resort. All rooms of the resort offer attached bathrooms. The food of the resort is very delicious.
    Chilapata Bania Riverview resort faces Bania River and is very close to the Chakokheti Forest gate and Kaljani river in Chilapata. It is a very reasonable option for travellers searching for an affordable option in the Chilapata area. It has its own in house restaurant to serve you the best breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Didi Lepchakha Homestay, Buxa Tiger Reserve
    Situated on the hilltop, Didi Lepchakha Homestay is the stay with the best view in Lepchakha., It is situated on the cliff of the hill from where the clear view of the entire hill and forest are visible.
  • Rhino Resort Jaldapara, Dooars Resort
    Rhino Resort, Jaldapara is the most preferred one amongst tourists due to its fantastic location in the middle of green and dense forests. The resort offers you breathtaking views of the surroundings along with its amazing accommodation and hospitality. The staff of the resort are very courteous and prompt at providing any assistance.
  • Bamboo Village Resort, Chilapata
    Bamboo village is a complete jungle Eco-village resort in Chilapata forest. It’s a perfect homestay for friends and families, offering you a high standard of hospitality with facilities of excellent accommodation and numerous opportunities of indulging in several wildlife activities. The staff of the resort are very courteous and prompt at providing any assistance.
  • Rasikbil WBFDC Resort, Government Resort
    Rasikbil WBFDC resort is an eco-resort built by the West Bengal Forest Department Corporation. There are two non-AC cottages and 2 eight bedded rooms in the resort. This eco-resort is bounded by the tall wooded trees from there tourists can enjoy the chirping of birds. All the cottages have a living room. This resort has become one of the famous places for bird watchers and nature lovers.
  • Green Island Resort, Jhalong
    Green island resort is the perfect destination for tourists away from the chaotic world. The resort is spread over a large area with a flower garden, several cottages, and a building. With enthralling views of the mountains and river Jaldhaka in front of the resort, this place is undoubtedly a superb staying option.
  • Riverwood Forest Retreat, Lataguri Resort, Dooars
    This resort has spacious rooms with attached bathrooms, separate balconies, a desk and a fireplace. A complimentary breakfast is available. Being closer to Gorumara National Park, which is quite famous for the one-horned Rhino, Riverwood Forest Retreat provides car services for sightseeing and arranges everything for Safari.
  • Sinclairs resort Chalsa, Dooars
    Sinclairs resort Chalsa, Dooars located at Chalsa Hilltop, occupies over 20 acres of verdant green. This resort is ideal for tourists who seek solitude coming out from their busy schedules. The place is highly rejuvenating and adventurous at a time. The USP of the resort is to “come and live with nature”.
  • Orchid Homestay Chilapata, Dooars
    Orchid Chilapata Homestay is a very spacious place to spend few days in the lap of nature. There are three wooden cottages, concreted from the outside and nicely decorated with wooden stuff from the inside. The cottages are in a very airy and open place in front of the vast field.
  • Villa De Hollong, Jaldapara Resort, Dooars
    Villa de Hollong is situated amidst the serene atmosphere of Jaldapara near Purba Madarihat. This location is just 5km away from Jaldapara Forest. You can take a tour of Jaldapara National Park. Avail Elephant Safari. This resort is known for its elegance, comfort and cleanliness. The behaviour and hospitality of the staff and owner are remarkable.
    Orchid resort Lataguri 18 km away from the Murti river, Just the opposite of Gorumara forest ticket counter. It is the best option for tourists who are looking for a budget-friendly resort in Lataguri. Far from the city’s hustle in the lap of nature, tourists can spend some quality time with their families here.
  • Mohanchura Resort Jayanti, Buxa Tiger Reserve
    Mohanchura Resort provides car services for sightseeing and arranges everything for Safari. The location of the resort is a secluded area far from the madding crowd. It can be your perfect destination for spending a quiet holiday away from life’s mundane routine. They serve food at a reasonable price.
  • Ramsai Rhino Camp, Gorumara, Lataguri Government Resort
    Ramsai Rhino Camp is in the Kalamati Village, Ramsai, 7 km away in the core area of the dense forest from Lataguri. The entire Gorumara forest range is visible from here, which gives you an enthralling experience as a whole. You can see wildlife, especially wild elephants, varieties of birds, bison, and so many other wild animals.
  • Nalgarh Retreat Resort, Chilapata
    The resort is located on the bank of the Murti River and around 2.5 km from the Batabari bus stand. The tourists can enjoy the sight of the river along with the open view of the Gorumara Forest. The vast lawn is one of the many attractions of the resort. The rooms provide are pretty spacious, and the ambience is equally fantastic.
  • Neelkantha Homestay Jayanti, Buxa Tiger Reserve
    This three-storied resort has a balcony river view. Bubun da is the manager who arranges food and other requirements. Neelkantha Homestay also provides car services for sightseeing, and if you pay the advance, they will set the Core safari.

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  • Luxury hotels in Dooars that will rejuvenate your soul
    From the rippling rivulets of Murti to Gorumara National Park, varieties of resorts and hotels are available beside these tourist attractions. Here are some handpicked luxury hotels in Dooars suggested by Beyotee to make your stay strikingly memorable.
  • Best Resorts in Lataguri at affordable price: Sonar Bangla, Tusker Den, Banyan tree
    Lataguri is famous for Gorumara and Chapramari forests which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Permission for entering Gorumara and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is given from Lataguri, and people prefer to stay in Lataguri while visiting these forests. Here is a list of cheap resorts for the tourist who want to enjoy in nature.
  • Offbeat destinations in Dooars: Lepchakha, Rongo, Kolakham, Paren
    Dooars has always been the reticent younger sibling of West Bengal Tourism which the Queen of the Hills almost always overshadowed. Some of the big names may have missed a blessing because these are places if you visit once.
  • Jayanti Homestay and Resorts that are budget friendly
    Jayanti is known for its picturesque beauty of nature and a wide variety of wildlife. One of the best things about this place is that the beauty of Jayanti won’t cost you much. Here are some of the cheapest resorts and homestays you can stay.
  • Nalgarh Fort: History, Structure, Myth, Chilapata Forest
    This structure of historical prominence is nothing but the famous Old Fort of Nal king, mostly known as ‘Nalgarh’. This famous ancient monument is located in the deeply forested area of Chilapata, which is renowned as an elephant corridor between the Buxa Tiger Reserve and Jaldapara
  • Jayanti Railway: History and Significance
    Those who used to travel from Alipurduar by train on Jayanti at that time could not forget the thrilling journey of this railway even today. A different feeling was created in the heart of this Jayanti to Alipurduar train journey. In the literature and stories of many writers, the Jayanti journey by train is still immortal
  • How to Reach Dooars: By Air, Train, Bus and Road and the fare
    Dooars is very well connected with most of the places of West Bengal and also entire India. Tourists can avail preferable ways to reach here, whether by flight or train or by road.

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